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Supper Punch!!! The final results

Last week we witnessed our 9th and final Supper Punch battle. In order to keep you all in as much suspense as possible, we decided to wait to announce the winner of week 9 until today, when we will also announce the final results in this epic war for culinary supremacy. Can you handle it?

Supper Punch!!! (Week 9)

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The week battle of Supper Punch!!! Last week was very close — tied until a plea via Twitter brought in some final votes — but in the end, Carnam pulled it off, once again. She’s unstoppable, that one.

Supper Punch!!! (Week 8)

You can’t go wrong with meat and potatoes, ladies and gentlemen. Last week, Jennifer Carnam brought home her third victory in this epic battle of culinary greatness. Let’s see if she can do it again…

Supper Punch!!! (Week 7)

He did it! He finally did it! After getting SERVED by his opponents for five weeks in a row, Ross Catrow made it on the scoreboard last week. Way to go, buddy! Let’s see if he can do it again this week…

Supper Punch!!! (Week 6)

The Dawson/Carnam domination of Supper Punch!!! has come to close, thanks to Sarah Bonkosvky and her much-admired sweet potato and ginger soup last week. Way to go, Bonko! And now, on to week 6…

Supper Punch!!! (Week 5)

Nick “Not-Afraid-of-an-Open-Flame” Dawson nailed it last week with crispy campfire rockfish and some pretty words that conjured images of bucolic bliss. Tied with Jennifer Carnam overall, will Dawson take the lead this week? Or will Catrow or Bonkovsky start to close the gap? The tension, people, the tension!!

Supper Punch!!! (Week 4)

She’s done it again! Jennifer Carnam claimed her second consecutive victory last week with her fancy-schmancy-filet-and-asparagus-Julia-Child-love-fest. Will she do it again? Have the other chefs stepped up their respective games?

Supper Punch!!! (Week 3)

Even though Catrow and his sliders-and-fries special move put up quite the fight there for a while, Carnam and her homage to Legend’s Belgian White walked away with a solid victory last week. You go, girl! Now on to week 3…

Supper Punch!!! (Week 2)

Thanks to everyone who voted in week 1. My, you all have some opinions about food, don’t you? Come find out who won last week and check out the goods for round 2. You will not be disappointed. Trust.

Supper Punch!!! (Week 1)

First, there was Garden Wars where three gentlemen engaged in an epic battle for agricultural supremacy. Now, there’s Supper Punch, an equally epic battle, but this time between four local food enthusiasts and the cuisine they lovingly put forth each week.