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5 Things: Olympics, magic, and enough meat to make you forget about bikini season

A weekend filled with outdoor activities, topped with magic, and wrapped in bacon.

5 Things: Eat heartily, listen classically, and snack juicily

A weekend of good weather approaches, and there are serious things to do with it all.

5 Things: Music, art, beer, strawberries, and partying like it’s 2001

Pick some strawberries! Drink some beer! Do the Cupid Shuffle!

5 Things: Sports, beer, music, chalk, and blue men entertaining the crap out of you

Colorful sidewalks and colorful men will make a dull weekend impossible.

5 Things: Lebanese food, theater, wine, pickles, and bikes

Gorge on Lebanese food, wine, and pickles. Or bike through the Capital Trail. Or do it all! You have two whole days.

5 Things: A music festival, a music festival, and a music festival that’s centered around pork

And you can take your mom to all of these things!

5 Things: French food, soccer, art, theater, and a good old-fashioned beard ‘n ‘stache competition

Bring your bike, bring your facial hair, bring your appetite, and bring your nostalgia for Mufasa.

5 Things: Earth Day, art, Earth Day, Shakespeare, Earth Day, dancing, Earth Day, restaurants, and Earth Day

We can’t remember what holiday is happening this weekend, but it’s probably a good one.

5 Things: Mozart, art festivals, theater, theater, and theater

Make some crafts, buy some crafts, and celebrate some craft beer.

5 Things: Some motivation, some masquerades, and some monumental running.

I know it seems like a lot of stuff going on, but the world is your oyster and so is this weekend! Because there are actual oysters involved!