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5 Things: Fast cars, food trucks, French film, and flowery festivals.

Almost all of these activities take place outside. Enough said, right?

5 Things: Soccer, marriage, Bowie, wrestling, and dogs wearing hats

This weekend, watch famous people in spandex throw chairs at each other, then go celebrate Easter.

5 Things: Ballet, more ballet, running, more running, and one last festival for the Irish

Watch athletic people, be an athletic person, or just listen to some bluegrass for 12 hours in a row.

5 Things: Biking, crafting, learning, eating, and honoring St. Patrick

Drink large amounts of alcohol this weekend! Or fill your head with culture and knowledge! Or do both!

5 Things: Films, basketball, improv, yoga, and rodents participating in water sports

Laugh at an improv show this weekend, laugh at a yoga class this weekend, or laugh at a tiny waterskiing squirrel this weekend.

5 Things: Classical music, classic musicals, basketball, freezing cold water, and nuns doing nunnish things

Whether you want to stay inside and be entertained or jump into ice cold water and freeze, there is something this weekend for everyone.

5 Things: Wine, video games, burlesque, fake political debates, and trucks crushing stuff

Democrats. Republicans. Wine lovers. Video game lovers. Really big truck lovers. This is easily one of the most varied weekends in Richmond ever.

5 Things: Chinese films, stand-up comedy, classical music…and oh yeah, Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. But so are a lot of other things this weekend!

5 Things: Oysters, films, music, and pretending we’re in New Orleans

Let’s just keep acting like it’s spring, shall we? Leave your coat in the car and take a gander at these events this weekend.

5 Things: Comedy, classical music, skating, film, and some crazy people jumping into the James

How about some activities completely unrelated to shovels and salt?

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