5 Things: Oysters, films, music, and pretending we’re in New Orleans

Let’s just keep acting like it’s spring, shall we? Leave your coat in the car and take a gander at these events this weekend.

Photo by: EEPaul

1. Richmond Environmental Film Festival

When you’re done spreading your compost and sorting your recyclables, hop in your hybrid car and check out these movies about this planet we all live on. Just kidding by the way, you can even come in your SUV. Or Hummer! No judgment. This event is free and open to the public.

  • Monday, February 1st – Sunday, February 7th • see site for schedule
  • See site for venues
  • Free!

2. Isley Brewery Oyster Fest

Beer and oysters…wow, it really does feel like summer. This Friday, in addition to delightful beer, Isley Brewery is selling oysters (FROM THE RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER) for just $1 each! And don’t be weirded out when they ask you to save the shells; they’re using them to brew their next oyster stout. Gross? But cool!? You should be saving them anyway!

  • Friday, February 5th, 6:00 PM
  • Isley Brewery, 1715 Summit Avenue
  • Free to attend! Just buy some beer. And oysters.

3. Susan Greenbaum: An Evening of Love Songs

This woman is an amazing musician, and I keep forgetting she’s from Richmond! Spend your Friday night listening to Susan Greenbaum sing and strum about love and sappiness and romance and stuff. It is the month of mushy love songs, after all. It’s also the month of great singer/songwriters, probably, so go check her out!

  • Friday, February 5th, 7:00 PM
  • The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, 2880 Mountain Road
  • $15

4. WRIR 11th Annual Party for the Rest of Us

You know how you love supporting local music? And you love supporting WRIR, the radio station that supports local music? Well. WRIR is hosting an event for a ton of local musicians (and comedians!) that you can actually attend, and not just listen to in your car. Plus you can dress up! And drink booze!

  • Friday, February 5th, 7:00 PM
  • The Renaissance, 107 W. Broad Street
  • $15 donation

5. Mardi Gras RVA

Beads! Bands! Babies inside cakes! There’s no celebration quite like Mardi Gras. Watch the parade, listen to music, eat some crawfish (I think I made that part up but isn’t that something people do in New Orleans?) Party like you’re about to give up something for 40 days!

  • Saturday, February 6th • parade starts at 3:00 PM, main event starts at 4:00 PM
  • Dogtown Dance Theatre, 109 W. 15th Street
  • $75 for a float spot in the parade, free to attend. Tickets to Dogtown show are $15.
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