Archives: 100 days RVA

Day 101: It’s your turn

What’s your 100 Days project?

Day #100: Virtual town square

Where do we go from here?

Day #099: A downside of VCU’s rapid rise

VCU, Aramark, and chains aren’t bad, but Richmond can do better. 

Day #098: A plea for regionalism

Why regionalism matters, Richmond vs. The United States of America, and how three votes in Denver can teach Richmond everything it needs to know.

Day #097: The math behind building shiny things

Why the problems under the hood are more upsetting than any one economic development project.

Day #096: Participatory budgeting

A dose of direct democracy can improve the budgeting process.

Day #095: “Sunset provisions” on laws

The power to repeal is not equal to the power of expiration.

Day #094: The 800 pound green gorilla in the neighborhood

Legalized cannabis is no longer stuck in the distant promised land of Rocky Mountain high. This changes things for Richmond and Virginia.

Day #093: Neutralize bathrooms

The low hanging fruit of building a more inclusive Richmond.

Day #092: Felon voting rights

Are felons citizens?