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Our House: The Power Pad and the Glory, Or When It’s Time to Level Up

We publish a lot of content for parents, but what about parents-to-be-to-be? As in, those who have not yet started the process and are not sure if they want to quit playing Donkey Kong long enough to.

Our House: The playground stigma of having two moms

Sarah Milston’s daughter finally got judged for having gay parents by a little boy who caused more distress for the mom than he did for the daughter.

Our House: The “Here we go again” family

The Surfaces had grown-up kids and were on the brink of retirement, but they knew they had more than they needed while so many children had so much less. It’s our final adoption story for National Adoption Month.

Our House: Opening your heart to an open adoption

Warning, this retelling by Gin and Jeremy Motsinger of the emotions they experienced during the birth and adoption of their daughter, Kinsey, and the subsequent relationship with her birth mother…let’s just say it’s intense.

Our House: What my life could have been, and what it is

Ellena McConnell was adopted at age 11. At 19, she looks back on life before and after.

Our House: Becoming a hero and adopting two teens

Steven Effinger went from single guy to father of two teenage boys. Everyone’s lives changed for the better.

Our House: From adoptee to board chair

It’s National Adoption Month, and to celebrate, we’re bringing back Our House and filling it with stories of adopters and adoptees. Kicking it off, we have Eddie Lumpkin, who was adopted as an infant and now is Board Chair for Children’s Home Society of Virginia.

Our House: DNA does not a family make

Maggi Tinsley’s two daughters were conceived and birthed by other women on the other side of the world. She has a hard time finding any other difference between her family and everyone else’s.

Our House: Becoming a bike family…by necessity

Brad Pearson is one of those guys who loves to bike around with his kids. And it’s a good thing, too, because after a seizure, he’s not allowed to drive a car. Here’s what he’s learned.

Our House: Separate natures, identical nurtures—a triplet story

David and Anne Shultz were decidedly unprepared for triplet daughters, but they were, by the time they got those babies home, unsurprised by their strikingly different personalities.