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EDU FAQ #006: What would school closings really have meant?

Now that school closure discussions are off the table, let’s think through the repercussions of shelving that solution so quickly.

EDU FAQ #005: What’s the reasoning behind closing schools?

Richmond Public Schools proposed closing a handful of schools recently, and it didn’t go over well. Here’s another hard look at the data.

EDU FAQ #004.2: What’s all this talk about closing the budget gaps? Facilities Edition

The schools themselves and what’s not being spent on them—Teresa’s ready to guide you once again!

EDU FAQ #004.1: What’s all this talk about closing the budget gaps? Operating Budget Edition

First, let’s discuss this question in terms of the Mayor’s Budget. Then, we’ll move onto Facilities. Buckle up, education fans! You’ll totally be able to wrap your head around this by the end.

EDU FAQ #003: How does one understand the RPS budget without exploding in frustration?

You may still explode, but in a milder, less violent way. Teresa Cole attempts to simplify.

EDU FAQ #002: What’s all this about teacher salaries?

Maybe you’ve heard about “teacher salary compression.” If not, maybe you’ve just heard that “teachers don’t get paid enough.” Here’s everything you need to know about that particular topic.

EDU FAQ #001: Where do we even start?

We’re breaking down the state of education, one problem at a time. And it may take awhile, because those are a lot of problems!