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Liberty public house

Restaurant openings and closings in May 2016

These new kids on the block deserve your patronage! And these other kids who are leaving the block deserve your fond farewells.


Restaurant openings and closings in April 2016

Sandwiches, biscuits, and tacos—all you need to survive.

Sheppard street tavern

Restaurant openings and closings in March 2016

It was a slow month for openings and closings, but that’s OK. Gives us all time to loosen our belts, tuck in our napkins, and catch up.


Restaurant openings and closings in February 2016

Not a lot of closings, thank goodness. Just some exciting openings—Rapp Sessions, Kinsfolk, Stone Brewing, and more.

Boulevard burgers

Restaurant openings and closings in January 2016

They come, they go, they fill us with pizza and doughnuts, they roll us out the door. Boulevard Burger and Brew takes the buzz award this month, with Hibachi Box in hot pursuit.

Pizza tonight

Restaurant openings and closings in December 2015

A mere three restaurants opened in December. Three! That’s about half of our monthly average. But with pizza, pastries, and barbecue at our greasy fingertips, who could ask for anything more?


New restaurants in November

Coffee, Korean burritos, nose-to-tail, grilled cheeses, and breakfast biscuits—these are some of the things November brought to Richmond.


New Restaurants in October 2015

Kitchenette! Urban Farmhouse! Ginger Juice! Whisk! Belle & James!!


Restaurant openings and closings in September 2015

The restaurant world is a circle of life. Here are the newest eating options to explode onto the scene, while some others stole away quietly in the night.


New restaurants in November

Another month, another set of restaurants for you to add to your lists.