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Our House: Bed rest and beyond

Did you miss Kelly Gerow? One of our favorite parenting columnists in THE WORLD is finally emerging from an unexpected couple of months in the hospital, and then an expected couple of months home with her new baby boy. What does that all do to a family anyway?

Our House: I, Step-Parent

Matthew Freeman is a loving step-parent of three kids. Sometimes, he still struggles to find his place.

Our House: Food Allergy Parents unite!

RVA heartily embraces Tiffany Glass Ferreira for her shrunken works of art, but her family embraces her as well–she keeps her son safe from his life-threatening food allergies and also finds time to see the humor in it all.

Our House: FaceTime Fatherhood

Thoughts on parenting a caring, clever daughter from 340 miles away.

Our House: Life on the compound, or why I’ve chosen to live very, very close to my extended family

Catherine Baab-Muguira’s house backs right up to her brother’s. And she likes her little compound just fine.

Our House: Celebrating the hard stuff

Judi Crenshaw’s youngest just graduated from high school, and it’s given her a chance to reflect on the good times and the bad, and what we can take from a rite of passage (that often isn’t that pleasant to witness).

Our House: The Divorce Monster is always hungry

After you’ve made the switch to two houses, what about all the kids’ stuff? Does it go with them? What if you bought it? What if your mom bought it? What if you bought it but the kid insists it goes every time? Where is the damn teddy bear!?

Our House: Staying apart for the kids

Divorcing when your child is very young isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience, but living apart is the only reality Susan Howson’s kid remembers.

Our House: Living out-proud in the gritty River City

In rich-in-history and dredged-in-butter RVA, you can hold your same-sex sweetie’s hand practically anywhere you go and most won’t bat an eyelash. It hasn’t always been the case, but these days you’ll find not only tolerance in our bars and restaurants, but as you’re seated at a table for two, you’ll likely receive a warm smile and a “What can I get y’all?”

Our House: Add a bunch of people, blend well

Between himself, his wife, his ex-wife, his wife’s ex-husband, his ex-wife’s new husband, and the relatives of all of the above, Pete Humes has gotten used to juggling the demands of a whole lot of people who want to claim time with their three kids.