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Day #091: Build a stronger class of civil servants

A government is only as good as its civil servants.

Day #090: Richmond language

The issues are already difficult enough, how can we make any progress if our language is loaded?

Day #089: Engaging streets

Eight ideas for building more engaging streets.

Day #088: RVA international

Develop exports as a way to diversify and strengthen Richmond’s economy.

Day #087: Suspend bus fares on Election Day

Boosting voter turnout by reasonably lowering the costs of voting is a worthwhile pursuit.

Day #086: Same-day ID stations on Election Day

Why can’t increasing voter participation be a bipartisan issue?

Day #085: Yield to Bus (Rapid Transit)

A year-old suggestion for buses has even more meaning with Broad Street BRT in the works. 

Day #084: The case for highways

Finally, a case for highways.

Day #083: The Constitution, surprising powers, and property tax exemptions

Property taxes, and exemptions from them, are powerful forces that can distort, create, and destroy.

Day #082: Invest in people as well as subsidizing businesses

Talent builds cities, not just buildings.

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