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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — Burn it down, burn it all down

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is part two of one of the most important franchises of the 21st century thus far. And you better believe I’m going to tell you why!

Diana: Love sort of finds a way

The late Princess of Wales finds her true love, and it all ends in a fairytale way! You wish!

12 Years a Slave

I’d like everyone in Richmond to see 12 Years A Slave, not just because it’s an amazing film and story, but because it’s also something we all need to see.

Thor: The Dark World: But, like, the dumb kind of dark

Beautiful meathead wields hammer in attempt to save the world. You’d think there’d be something compelling about that.

Ender’s Game: Boys will be boys EVEN IN SPACE

A gangly teen must save the human race in this adaption of Orson Scott Card’s classic novel.

The Counselor: You can’t cheetah death

The Counselor is chock full of wonderful actors, but tries far too hard to pack itself with cynical, nihilistic imagery and heady dialogue, leaving no room for a plot line that we could settle into.

(The New) Carrie: It’s definitely kids that are the real monster

A faithful remake of a classic horror movie about what happens when you make fun of nerds and weirdos (hint: bad things).

Captain Phillips: Nice try, country other than America

This true hero’s tale is a passably made film about a really interesting event, starring fantastic actors who give it their all. So why did I feel like I was the one kidnapped for two hours?

Gravity: Face a silent death in space for just a fraction of the cost

An intimate story of personal survival set on the coldest and largest stage imaginable. It’s both beautiful and terrifying.

Don Jon: It takes one to tango

Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, acts, and directs this film about a pleasant Jersey fellow and his nightly solo flights to Pleasureville.

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