River City Reading: Prince Edward County Schools, test pilots, New Orleans in 1862, and an unusual Western

You may not have had a chance to read all four of these River City Reading recommendations this summer, but who can blame you? There were pools to swim in.

River City Reading: Controversial photos, gender fluidity, the Eastern Shore, and a girl at war

May’s new books are taking your brain places.

River City Reading: The child-free choice, leaving the past behind, and a (not so) little life.

April’s new books!

River City Reading: Contemporary Irish authors to make you feel many things

Shake up your bookshelves with these contemporary Irish authors.

River City Reading: Satire, Vietnamese history, Monopoly, and being an outlier

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River City Reading: Extraordinary women, stark landscapes, immigration, and severed heads

Kick off your year of reading with a batch of four new books that cover everything from the tribulations of undocumented teenagers to why we’re all so fascinated by disembodied heads.

The ten best novels of 2014

The “best of” season is in full swing and I can’t resist the opportunity to share my opinion.

River City Reading: October

Mix up your fall reading with nonfiction, short stories, and a great YA novel.

River City Reading: September

September brings a pile of new books from masters of fiction and gatherers of data.

River City Reading: August

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