The Virginia Wine Summit

It is with a heavy heart, and heavier liver, that I submit this, the last in our series on Virginia Wines. And I can summarize my takeaways in one simple sentence…

Virginia Wine: The Commoner’s Cup

Great Virginia wines all under $20.

Virginia wine: Library wines

If you know where to look (and are willing to pay for it) you can score a rare bottle from a classic Virginia vintage.

Polo at King Family Vineyards

Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, polo matches at King Family make for a dramatic spectacle, even if you don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Virginia wine: Family-friendly wineries

They exist! And you should visit them.

Virginia Wine: Dry Rosé in the Old VA

With the possible exception of Riesling, no wine is more misunderstood by the average American imbiber than rosé.

Virginia Wine: Hip to be square or Michael Shaps’s boutique boxed wines

Veteran Virginia winemaker Michael Shaps is challenging you to forget everything you know about boxed wines. OK, maybe not everything.

Virginia Wine: Sippin’ from the Governor’s Cup, part 2

We taste Virginia’s 12 best wines so you don’t have to! The second in our two part series of Sippin’ from the Governor’s Cup.

Virginia Wine: Sippin’ from the Governor’s Cup

This past February, 45 of the sharpest palates in wine gathered for a blind tasting of 377 Virginia wines. A couple months later, for reasons that remain curious, the Virginia wine powers that be thought it would be a good idea to dump a case on yours truly and see what happened.

Virginia Wine: Off the beaten path in Northern Virginia, part 2

Our journey to Northern Virginia continues as we visit with a couple of the Commonwealth’s most celebrated winemakers.