Virginia Wine: Off the beaten path in Northern Virginia, part 1

We go off the beaten path and into the uncharted hinterlands of Northern Virginia to visit some of the Commonwealth’s most acclaimed wineries.

Virginia wine: Meet Norton

Is there such thing as a wine that is indigenous to America (besides Mad Dog 20/20)? Why yes, yes there is.

Virginia Wine: Steve and Jean Case’s Early Mountain

Clearly I’ve been bought off. Why, with so much to cover in the world of Virginia wine, would I dedicate an entire article to a single winery?

Virginia wine: A helpful primer

Wine can be such an overwhelming topic. Here’s a helpful primer on some of the styles you’ll see coming out of Virginia’s best wineries.

Virginia Wine: Wineries for the winter

We tend to think of winery visits as a fair-weather activity. Yet, “off-season,” winter visits can often yield a more personalized and all around fulfilling experience.

Virginia Wine: No farms, no booze

A bottle of wine is not just a beverage but a story—a drinkable distillation of time and place, dramatically shaped by the conditions in which it was produced.

Virginia Wine: A taste for adventure

Kayaking, hiking, skiing: all things that pair perfectly with a glass of Virginia wine.

Virginia Wine: Jefferson’s dream fulfilled, part 2

Our tour of Virginia’s Monticello wine region continues with a look into two of the area’s most popular destinations and a rock star vineyard championing a sustainable agenda.

Virginia Wine: Jefferson’s dream fulfilled

We take a jaunt through some of central Virginia’s most popular wineries (Barboursville, Stinson, Flying Fox, and Delfosse) to taste some of the region’s best wines amid another lovely autumn.

Virginia Wine: The new old world

Our taste in wine has suffered in recent history. It starts where all our alcohol-related woes began: prohibition.

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