KUJICHAGULIA: That time when the law really was on our side

Why don’t we demand more from the Slave Trail Commission? Maat Free answers that question with some more questions.

KUJICHAGULIA Means Self Determination: Reclaiming the untold stories of the Shockoe Bottom Resistance Movement – Part I

Maat Free lays down the foundation, and with it, we’re going to build a robust comprehension of the ongoing “How are we dealing with our slavery-related spaces?” issue.

The #untoldrva 5 Things: New Culinary Classics Edition

Maat Free selects the five places she thinks are carving out their own place in Richmond’s culinary history, and they aren’t the places you’re always hearing about.

Reclaiming Pocahontas Island: Part II

Maat Free figured out how to get Pocahontas on the Preservation Virginia’s list of the state’s most endangered historic places. Here’s what she said that made the powers that be take notice.

The #untoldrva 5 Things: Open Air Cinema Edition

Movies outside—perhaps the single best thing about summer. Richmond’s got a long tradition of open air cinemas, and Maat Free is here to tell you about it.

What, to the people of Richmond, is Independence Day?

Maat Free helps us look closely at how we celebrate July 4th, and what Frederick Douglass would have to say to us about it.

The #untoldrva 5 Things: Random Edition

This week, Maat Free focuses on the nows, asking one fascinating Richmonder to give five answers to five questions. That’s 25 things total! A bargain!

The world’s most fascinating place, Pocahontas Island

Pocahontas Island, a place you probably have never been, is just chilling in Petersburg, being a hotbed of historical significance. Maat Free is genealogically connected to it, and will lead us on a multi-part series. This weekend, the Island celebrated Juneteenth.

The #untoldrva Five Things: Disasters Edition

This week, Maat Free tells us about five disasters that tried, but failed, to ruin our city.

The #untoldrva 5 Things: Wives Edition

Being an independently successful married woman in Richmond hasn’t always been easy.