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Meet me at the murals: Broth paints a new chapter

The story of Mickael Broth is not a story of retribution and community blight, but a story of redemption and community might.

Meet me at the murals: R Robot Jams at the Canal Club

One day Kuszyk decided he was going to be the “robot guy,” and as part of April’s RVA Street Art Fest he colored a dingy Canal Club wall with a new chapter of robot culture.

Meet me at the murals: HENSE hangs “Loose” in Richmond

His paintings hang in the halls of international corporations, grace the highways of Atlanta, and appear on the sides of Kias. Now we have a HENSE’s in our very own city, and it happens to span 1200 square feet.

Meet me at the murals: Milk does a city good

Oregon Hill resident Chris Hulburt, known as Milk, is one of Richmond’s most beloved artists. His love of the community is evident in This River Town–the mural he recently completed at the RVA Street Art Fest.

Meet me at the murals: El Kamino calls the wild

Although graffiti is an urban art, El Kamino’s love of the great outdoors is apparent in his paintings. You’ve probably seen his work that features Blue Herons and catfish on Broad Street, in Carver, or down by the Canal Walk.

Meet me at the murals: Chair apparent

The temporary outdoor sculpture is the most fleeting of art installations, so the first art up at the power plant, site of the recent RVA Street Art Fest, will be the first down: Tom Brickman’s Social Experiment.

Meet me at the murals: Ham? is up

After being laid off from his architecture firm in 2009, Ham’s wife encouraged him to seize the sudden opportunity to exercise his thirst for art away from the drafting table. Now he’s one of RVA’s most prolific, and sometimes controversial, muralists.

Meet me at the murals: street fashion

Street art is on the walls of our city and on the backs of our citizenry. One of the street artists involved in the recent RVA Street Art Fest, Ham?, commented on the diverse crowd that regularly gathers at the power plant, site of fest: “I love seeing everyone, young and old, enjoy the murals. […]

Meet me at the murals

Street art has gone all-city in the City of Richmond! If you attended the G40 First Fridays or the RVA Street Art Fest (RVASAF), you saw it, you felt it, and you were probably moved by it. The best part? It’s all still there. Head downtown and take it in again or for the first time.