Happy Weekend, RVA: Get the folk up and at ‘em

It is here! The Folk Fest! Get up and go see every single person you know down by the river.

Photo by: praetoriansentry

Happy weekend, RVA! It rained a tiny bit Friday afternoon, and we all began to hyperventilate quietly but at a growing pace. Then, the sun came out and the Folk Festival seemed like it would be saved? BUT WILL IT BE? There is a good chance of showers this morning, which should clear up later, and then Sunday is your day for maximum RVA Beauty-Fall. Beautifall. Apparel translation: Folk Fest shirt and an expression that says “A little rain don’t bother me none!”

The Fest Itself

We threw ourselves into Folk Fest Land with much emphasis, as it was something to take our mind off the still-lingering post-Big Bike Race™ malaise. As such here’s our extensive guide, with a handy Music and Dance Guide, an Artisan Guide, and some mentors and mentees you should check out.

If you’d rather read some fake stuff, here’s a list of things that were probably never on any Folk Festival schedule, but who can really remember, right?

And if you can only do one thing this weekend, we’re pretty sure it should be the Bolivian Dance Parade.

Unsharpening a pitchfork

Valerie Catrow almost got really mad at the Richmond Ballet, but then decided to ask them about it. Everyone remained friends.

Let’s circle the wagons and/or cars around Lee

JK, I would never circle the wagons around Lee, but as a high-traffic area, I have hopes for this new roundabout situation around the Lee statue. I don’t even mind that Ross Catrow scoffed and sputtered mightily at me for not knowing what any of these words mean. What I do mind is that liriope is measured in “plugs.” 

Running around town

You no longer have any excuse to not sign up for a race. Kathyn Pullam has put them all together for you in an easy-to-follow way. Thanks, Kathryn! No, say it louder, like you mean it. THANKS, KATHRYN.

No cheesecake zone

Sam Davies wrote a great article about Atomic Robo, a comic book made right here in Richmond that bucks tradition in a way that I truly love.

Things to do

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

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