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PHOTOS: Richmond Folk Festival 2015

It sure was a good one. Bonus points if you can spot yourself!

Movies drop another layer of Folk Fest knowledge

A series of short documentary film screenings all weekend give you another way to learn about the 2015 Folk Fest performers.

Fake Richmonder remembers Folk Fests from years past

Every year, there’s a performer who stands out that really makes you proud to be an American, a North American, a Western Hemispherean, or simply a human being.

The Bolivian Dance Parade, or maybe the most fun thing at this year’s Folk Fest

A parade of 200 performers in intensely elaborate costumes doing centuries-old dances and enjoying every second of it. Bolivia!

Folks, young and old: The Folk Fest’s celebration of Va. mentorship

The next generation of folk musicians alongside those who are handing down their knowledge. Catch a ton of Virginia musical history in one weekend.

Richmond Folk Festival artisan guide

There are Virginians dedicated to making chairs, salt, tintypes, masks, and a record-time for shucking oysters. Oh, and a lot more!

Richmond Folk Festival music and dance guide

The Folk Festival strums into town on October 9th and doesn’t strum out of town until October 11th. Here’s each musical and dance group at a glance.

2015 Richmond Folk Festival poster revealed

Bizhan Khodabandeh of Mended Arrow Design crafted this year’s official poster.