Happy Weekend, RVA: And isn’t it just??

It’s a weekend of fun and reasonable temps! Oh, and a lot of links.

Photo by: Referenceace – Working!

Oh my word, this weather! THIS WEATHER! My plants love it, I love it, and probably some other living things love it as well. Expect medium-high 80s with few clouds and no chance of rain. Apparel translation: One of these guys that I really and surprisingly want!

In case you missed it

It’s hard for me to remember this week because I’m currently banging my head against the wall after hearing some clips from the GOP debates. Maybe Trump is some sort of genius ruse to distract all of us while Obama reforms prisons or whatever. And it’s working! And the entire audience laughed and cheered when all the misogynist stuff he’d said online (OK not all, they didn’t have all night) was read aloud! My heart is a deep pit of despair. 

But that’s OK, I guess, because locally, we’ve got BridgePark to dream about, festivals to attend, and creative milkshakes to think up! We had a commenter who recommended watermelon milkshakes, which would go a long way towards mending some hurt feelings.

We learned how we can stay alive during the Big Bike Race™, how we can stay alive in the river, and why we should keep the fascinating history of Pocahontas Island alive. That’s a lot of life for one week!

David and Anne Shultz know about high quantities of life, and their Our House this week made me feel many things and also realize how little I actually accomplish in one day, compared to what I would have to accomplish if I had three toddlers.

Ross Catrow has taken on the very daunting and complicated task of addressing every possible part of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system, via an ongoing series of FAQs. Next week, and the week after, you’ll learn more about the when and the how much. We’re trying to present as complete a picture as possible, so get at us with any information you think we may not have. 

Oh, and we proudly announced the next RVANews Live on Thursday, September 10th. Learn more about the KonMari method with devotee Sarah Fought, the author of this mega-popular piece. Then, wade into the murky and troubling waters of engrained racism and what we can do about it with Ana Edwards, who is galvanizing as all get out. It’s going to be intense, but the good kind of intense. Like when you drink very spicy ginger ale.

Heads up

Next week, we’ll have a lot of good Back to School information for you, including very wonderful content about primary, secondary, and higher ed. Find more #untoldrva facts for your mental storehouse, add some new books to your wishlist, and think hard about how cool Grace Arts is.

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