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BRT FAQ #011: What’s next for BRT?

The vote happened, and we are definitely moving forward with the Pulse. But now what?

UPDATED: For real this time: BRT up for important vote at City Council

Enthusiasts, detractors, loud talkers—this Monday is your moment.

BRT FAQ #010: What’s it cost to operate?

We know how much it’ll be to build, but how much will come out of our pockets annually? The City’s pockets? Anyone’s pockets!

BRT FAQ #009: Who even knows about the BRT?

Short answer: Not enough people who actually ride the current bus.

BRT FAQ: Holiday status report

What’s happening with these rapid buses lately? What’s the status, Gladys?

BRT FAQ #008: What should I know before attending a public meeting?

Let your BRT opinions be heard!

BRT FAQ #007: What does an outside expert think?

We asked infrastructure expert Matt Pollack about BRTs, the cities that have implemented them, and what our situation looks like from afar. The conversation brought a truly valuable perspective.

BRT FAQ #006: The left turn situation

Because of the nature of the beast, many left turns off Broad will no longer be possible. Here’s why, how, and what it’ll look like.

BRT FAQ #005: What’s this dang thing cost to build?

Oh, it’s easy, just divide the total cost by the number of miles and you get…a potentially really misleading number!

BRT FAQ #004: The bus itself

Here’s just about everything you could ever want to know about the wheels on the bus (they go round and round), the wipers on the bus (they go swish swish swish), and everything in between.