Garden Wars!!! (Week 11)

Sarvay’s rhyming skillz brought him a solid victory last week, earning him his third win in this epic battle of agriculture prowess. Our current standings set us up for quite the competition this week, so your vote is needed more than ever.

Sarvay’s rhyming skillz brought him a solid victory last week, earning him his third win in this epic battle of agriculture prowess (it’s a thing). Our current standings set us up for quite the competition this week… one that could determine our champion OR set the stage for a spectacular throwdown come Week 12. But that’s up to you.

For those of you new to Garden Wars, here’s how it works:

John Sarvay (of Floricane and Buttermilk & Molasses), Ryan Smartt (of ConnectRichmond), and Scott Pharr (of PharrOut and RVANews) face off each week as they showcase images of their agricultural efforts, complete with clever(ish) captions. Then you, the readers, decide who wins. Whoever has won the most number of weeks out of the three-month run of this series will be treated to a meal by the losers.

Here’s where we stand at this point:
Sarvay: 3 (winning weeks 3, 7, and 10)
Pharr: 3 (winning weeks 1 and 4, and 8)
Smartt: 4 (winning weeks 2, 5, 6, and 9)

A few things could happen this week…

Scenario 1: Smartt wins this week, putting him at 5 wins total, leaving Sarvay and Pharr with 3 each. Defeating him would be impossible.

Scenario 2: Pharr or Sarvay takes this week, moving us into Week 12. Smartt could then win Week 12, making him the champion (again with 5 wins overall).

Scenario 3: The same non-Smartt (ha!) contestant wins both this week and next week, thus claiming the whole enchilada, shebang, kit and caboodle, etc.

Scenario 4: This week’s non-Smartt (still funny), non-winner could win next week, leaving us with a three-way tie of 4-4-4. In that case… well, we’ll cross that zany bridge when we come to it.

Clearly, your vote is important. Shall we begin?


Rilo is guarding part of this week’s meager, post-drought harvest!

Thea celebrates the rebirth of the garden by munching on the same kale that was featured in Week #1 of Garden Wars. Note the freshly planted rows of green beans, broccoli, broccoli rabe and kale for the fall.

Who is pillaging our cucumbers? Maybe the Hello Kitty band-aid is a clue – Nikole, the cucumber bandit! Oh, wait. That’s Thea’s hand…


More veggies. More grilling. More goodness.

If kids could play with their food, it might look something like this. Unfortunately the new swing set is not tomato-friendly.

Time for the cherry tomatoes to shine! With three different varieties, now is the time they explode with colors of red, orange, and brown? Mmmm, chocolate tomatoes, nom nom nom.


My second *round* of cucumbers are starting to come in.

Fee-fi-fo-fum…why are old fairy tales so bizarre and/or scary? Seriously. So, Jack trades a cow for some beans that grow up into the sky where a giant lives? Then cuts down the beanstalk and kills the giant as he’s climbing down?  And don’t get me started on Snow White or Hansel & Gretel. How the heck am I supposed to read those books to Lyla? For real?! By the way, pictured in this photo are stalks for Christmas Speckled Beans.

Busted! I see you, Lyla. Trying to cook those real tomatoes in your pretend kitchen!

There you have it, folks. It’s up to you to determine if this all ends here and now or carries over into next week. Vote in the comments and decide…


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  1. Whoa! Pharr goes for the kill! Nice job, Scott. You have my vote for all around awesome pics and produce…

  2. PHARR!!!!!

  3. Tough call. Very tough call. I really want to vote for myself and put the other two out of their misery. But I’m going to have to vote for Pharr this week.

  4. Renee on said:

    Pharr’s got it this week. Nice maters.

  5. Pharr gets it this week!

  6. Emily on said:

    The full garden shot with Thea’s stylish ensemble? My vote goes to Sarvay.

  7. Denise on said:

    Voting for Pharr!

  8. Play with your food, ha! Pharr gets my vote this week.

  9. paul s on said:

    I really want to vote for Sarvay and his overt phallic symbol, but Lyla should be commended for her spot on expression of getting busted. My vote is for Smartt.

  10. Carrie on said:

    Pharr!!!! Love those cherry tomatoes!

  11. PHARR, always Pharr.

  12. Dave on said:

    God, is this thing over yet?

  13. Veggies down, I vote Pharr this week!

  14. Oh Pharr, hands down. Great tomatoes on swing, clever writing, grill shot, and the triptych of tomatoes.

  15. Not even close this week-Smartt wins with Lyla’ s expression, the chef’s hat, Elizabeth’s cool mug. Oh, and the bizarre riff on fairy tales…hasn’t Smartt ever seen Into the Woods??? Sarvay’s phallic sculpture–too obvious.

  16. Stanton Thalhimer on said:

    Pharr! Only because he designed a great website for us! Plus those veggies look darn good!

  17. Two comments about phallic references? Sheesh. Minds out of gutter, folks. The zuke and tomato landed where the dog dropped them, and she’s not wired for innuendo!

  18. PChoo on said:

    Pharr by pharr.

  19. Lisa on said:

    Pharr gets my vote! Love the grill shot and the “play with your food” line.

  20. Pharr gets the vote for the trio of tomato pics..

  21. Toni on said:

    Grilled veggies – looking yum yum yummy! Pharr gets my vote

  22. a vote for the cucumber bandit! Sarvay

  23. Corie on said:


  24. Cindy on said:

    I have to vote for Sarvay – gotta love Rilo & Thea!! Great pics of the full garden!

  25. Edward Price on said:

    Sarvay. Gotta go with Hello Kitty.

  26. Jerry on said:

    My! Oh! My!
    Lyla gets caught with produce from the profoundly productive plot of property. That cute little expression of surprise forces me to vote for her Daddy…smartt again!

  27. Ryan’s middle name is Winner! He gets my vote.

  28. Pharr! for Sure.

  29. Pharrmer Pharr this week!

  30. Sarvay — for his well-trained dog.

  31. Eric on said:

    Pharr nice job on the swing set — i mean those cherry tomatoes. Pharr this week!

  32. Catherine on said:

    The kid in the chef’s hat is super-cute, but I’m voting for Pharr and those cherry tomatoes this week.

  33. Elizabeth Anderson on said:

    Pharr’s use of the excellent MOUTH WATERING grilled kaaaa-babbbs photo had me at hello…but the fact that Smartt is growing Christmas Speckled Beans…which sounds reminiscent of my favorite English beer…and I have never heard of this bean points to a very original bone in his body…because of this I am going to have to go with Smartt with the use of my favorite face-makin’ youngster, Lyla. Girl is cookin’ up a storm!

  34. Eric on said:

    Lyla is totally selling those tomatoes. Its in the eyes. Smart gets my vote.

  35. And the winner is…. PHARR!

    Ladies and gentlemen, that means week 12 will be happening. Tune in tomorrow!

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