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Endangered Blood coursing through Richmond, joined by Scott Clark 4tet

On Thursday, April 12 a performance at The Camel will be sure to freak out metal enthusiasts, thrill avant-garde jazz heads, and possibly tickle any residents from the Balkans.

Listening back: Glows in the Dark

Listen Glows in the Dark’s 75 minute set in its entirety. The band was in top form on the night of the release of their second album “Beach of the War Gods.

Scott Clark 4tet: Back line leader

Drummer and composer Scott Clark has a taste for the “nerdy” sides of music and TV. Some of the music that he composes is held to the rigid structures of “Serialism” by using all twelve pitches in a repeating order. After late-night gigs with indefinable ensembles like Ilad and Glows in the Dark, along with a boogaloo/funk project called The New Belgians, he routinely chills out by watching re-runs of Star Trek at his apartment.

Old band, new sound, one night of fun

The best bands in Richmond combine strong group voices with unique individual voices. Occasionally, bands will leave character for one night and do something truly special. On Thursday February 24, Glows in the Dark will host “Mondo Italia Dance Party.” With extremely original compositions and John Lilley (sax), Reggie Pace (trombone), Scott Burton (guitar), Cameron […]

Listening Back: Jazz By Numbers

From soloist to quartet and everywhere (duo and trio in case you needed it spelled out for you) in between, Jazz By Numbers on Tuesday was a night of instrumentations of various size.

Announcing RVAJazzfest 2011

The third annual RVAJazzfest will take place on Saturday, April 9, 2011, and will feature Brooklyn-based Harris Eisenstadt and Canada Day, and Richmond bands Scott Clark 4-tet and Old New Things.

Listening Back: UTV.Chamber and Scott Clark 4-tet

Maybe it was the HopSlam, or maybe it was The Camel’s free weekly jazz series catching on. Either way, both UTV.Chamber and Scott Clark 4-tet had great audiences to play for on Tuesday night.

Tracing SCUO

When guitarist Scott Burton and drummer Scott Clark formed SCUO, their goal was to write music that was harder than they could possibly play, but it’s their minimalist approach that gives it all purpose.

Double take: Glows in the Dark

Composer and guitarist Scott Burton’s compositions drip with drama, but it’s input from the entire band that makes everything go. On Sunday and Monday nights, Glows in the Dark brought their cinematic music to the stage.

RVAjazzfest: Glows in the Dark

Glows in the Dark will perform at RVAjazzfest with Steven Bernstein, Fight the Big Bull, and Boots of Leather on February 21, 2009, 8pm, at The Camel. Tickets are $10, all ages welcome. by Joey Ciucci Given Glows in the Dark’s penchant for cerebral, sometimes disorienting tunes, the title of their first album, Music to […]