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Bob Dylan performs in April, tickets go on sale Friday

The legendary artist returns to the Landmark Theater next month.

5 Things

Ideas. Theater. Dancing. Singing. Art. Walking. Footballing. Beering. Oh it’s gonna be one of those weekends, all right.

Anthony Bourdain to speak in RVA

One of television’s most popular hosts, as well as noted author and former chef, Anthony Bourdain, will have a speaking engagement in Richmond early next year.

PHOTOS: The Landmark Theater

The Landmark Theatre has a fascinating history. It’s currently undergoing a $50 million renovation, while its closed check out these pictures from in and around the city’s largest theatre.

An RVA landmark: the 85-year history of the Landmark Theater

Did you know that the Landmark has a pool and bowling alley in its basement? That Police once used it as a shooting range? There’s plenty more about the building and its history that you don’t know about…

City Council: a Landmark decision and the new arts district

In rare collection of unanimous votes, the City Council last night passed two major ordinances that will affect the Landmark Theater and a new arts district downtown.

A blue man talks about performing in Blue Man Group

The world-famous Blue Man Group will come to Richmond later this month. We spoke with one of the performers who talked about the upcoming performance, the message behind the theatrics, and just how long it takes to put on that blue makeup.

The Lion King sets new records, becomes highest-grossing show at the Landmark

Disney’s Broadway hit continues to dazzle audiences, and the recent run has set box office records at the Landmark Theater. Just how many people came to see the production, and how much money it will leave in Richmond’s wallet

A backstage pass to THE LION KING

THE LION KING! The giraffes, the antelopes, the grass, the birds, the stars, Rafiki’s infectious enthusiasm, Zazu’s bouncy personality, and of course the lions. Here’s a look at the marvels of engineering and artistry behind the amazing show.

PHOTOS: Recreating the Elvis ‘kiss’

Back in 1956, photographer Alfre Wertheimer snapped a picture of Elvis kissing a woman backstage at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and an exhibit of Wertheimer’s photos currently on display at the VMFA, here are some pictures of people recreating that iconic image.

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