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How to recycle properly in Richmond, Virginia

You’re probably making your entire recycling load unusable. GREAT JOB, EARTHLING. Here’s how to do it right!

Get geared up for the outdoors at Annual JROC Gearswap

This Saturday from 10 AM – 3:30 PM.

Want to help at the Manchester Earth Day go to Legend tonight

A great reason to go to Legend besides the deck and the beer.

Food News: Wegmans, kegged wine, Earth Day, and so much celebrating

Richmonders have so much to celebrate this week in the food world. Whether it’s welcoming a new grocery store to the suburbs or reaching the ten year anniversary of 821, it’s time for us to drink wine, eat delectable dishes, and be merry.

5 Things for Families

This weekend is brought to you by the letter F: food, a festival, fanciness, and even a flea market!

Vote for these artistic rain barrels painted by RPS 5th graders

Rain barrels don’t have to be ugly blue barrels as these students prove.

Can LOVE sign break the Guinness World Record?

By far the most ambitious letter “L” we’ve ever seen.

Celebrate Mother Earth this Saturday at the Earth Day Festival

It’s a party for Mother Earth this Saturday during the Richmond Earth Day Festival!

April’s events and festivals

Ain’t no foolin’ ‘bout these April events!

5 Things

With this much stuff to do, it’s almost as if previous weekends didn’t exist.