Jazz in the East

For a week in November, some of Richmond’s finest jazz musicians performed at a jazz festival in Turkey, where VCU alumnus Emre Kartari founded the country’s first jazz educational institution. For Kartari and musicians like Doug Richards, Skip Gailes, and Howard Curtis, it was a reunion of sorts. For VCU Jazz students Ben Heemstra, Andrew Randazzo, and Lucas Fritz, it was the trip of a lifetime.

Nine Lives: John D’earth

Quasi legend, trumpeter and VCU Jazz Artist in Residence John D’earth has accomplished many great things in his life that, in his own words, all happened by accident.

A tale of two scenes

From Richmond to New York and back, Lucas Fritz enjoyed performances from four very different bands over the course of a weekend.

No BS! Brass: Birmingham or Bust, Part 2

In the second and final part of this southern saga, No BS! takes Birmingham, Alabama, by storm before heading home to their beloved Richmond.

No BS! Brass: Birmingham or Bust, Part 1

On their brief tour in May, Richmond favorite and brass powerhouse No BS! Brass Band took their style to Virginia’s southern neighbors. In Part 1 of 2 of the tour recap, we see how a band so big and, well, manly behaves on the road, in strangers’ homes, and on the stage.

Tuesdays with Richmond

Just because the week has hardly started doesn’t mean Tuesday can’t pretend like it’s Friday.