Memos from the desk of: The Founding Fathers

A glimpse into the thoughts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and more. And by “thoughts” we mean “funny things we made up but think you should read.”

50 things you should know about the World Cup

The World Cup begins on Friday. Here is a guide to familiarize you with the sport, the culture, the players, and some frivolous side notes surrounding the quadrennial pinnacle of the Beautiful Game.

Enjoying beer the Irish way

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us again. This is undoubtedly the only day of the year specifically celebrated by drinking beer, and as a result tends to be one of the holidays I am most fond of.

Richmond: A year in review

Looking back on 2009, a lot of important stuff happened in Richmond. As I whittled down the list of things to mention, I realized the most important things happened to me, which made writing this so easy it’s stupid.

Mr. Elford’s 2009 holiday beer guide

Check out our top picks for delicious brews that are sure to help you celebrate/drink away your problems this holiday season.

Holiday drinking games

It’s the holidays! You know, that time of year where we get together with loved ones and drive each other to drink. If you’re looking to make your seasonal imbibing a little more interesting, try these on for size…

Romantic Quatrains From Off the Wagon

Join us for another spirit-soaked adventure in that wacky, wacky world that is the mind of Mr. Christopher Elford.

Notes on pairing wine with a break-up

Welcome to the exciting world of pairing wine with a break-up. We have all been dissatisfied with break-ups in the past, but perhaps the problem lies in an inability to choose a wine capable of bringing out the stark subtleties and lush character unique to each one. Here are some suggestions to help you remedy this in the future.

A Literary Analysis of Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

In the last 30 years, few authors or musicians have been as prolific and intellectually groundbreaking as Anthony Kiedis of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here, I provide some explanations of some of his more groundbreaking themes, statements, and imagery.

Political Parties That Never Caught On

This past calendar year has been a politically-charged riot in Thinking America. We have seen a White House power shift through the rise of Barack Obama, and things may be on the upswing, but let us not forget those parties who hung up their spurs this year.