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Lee roundabout transforms former deadly ocean of pavement

Seriously, that thing was deadly and also an ocean. Now you can cross it more safely on foot and use it more safely in an automobile.

Richmond’s Vision Zero for transportation-related fatalities

We all assume that someone’s gotta die in order for us to continue moving around this city of ours in our cars. It sounds crazy, but we do! That’s not right!

VDOT project aims to improve pedestrian access along West Broad Street near Willow Lawn

The $2 million project will include improved sidewalks, ramps, crosswalks, and pedestrian signals.

BRT FAQ #006: The left turn situation

Because of the nature of the beast, many left turns off Broad will no longer be possible. Here’s why, how, and what it’ll look like.

A Bike-Walk Boulevard coming to Church Hill!

It’s a modern miracle! Or, like a really old-fashioned miracle! Either way, this will do big things.

UPDATE: The ups and downs of the Manchester Bridge bike lane

It’s kinda neat, but still kinda deadly. So take heed (or maybe avoid until further notice)?

BRT FAQ #005: What’s this dang thing cost to build?

Oh, it’s easy, just divide the total cost by the number of miles and you get…a potentially really misleading number!

New bike lanes on Hermitage

Northside bikers: First rejoice and then enjoy these new bike lanes.

Governor Signs Law Allowing Uber, Lyft to Operate

After operating under a temporary agreement for the better part of a year, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft now have a law allowing them to transport passengers in Virginia after Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a bill that sets licensing procedures and standards for drivers.

City adopts Complete Streets Policy

City Council unanimously voted on a resolution that means the City is now obligated to consider bicyclists and pedestrians in future projects.