Archives: RVANews Live: Fascinating People 2016

Ellena McConnell — 2016 Fascinating Person #13

The very last in our FP series MIGHT have just been the very first person we asked!

Carrie Rose Pace — 2016 Fascinating Person #12

You might know Carrie as the best explainer of all things bus-related, but we know her as the best explainer of a whole lot of other fascinating things too.

Matt Crane—2016 Fascinating Person #11

Our fascinating go-to for everything cycling-related.

Chanel Bea—2016 Fascinating Person #10

A passionate community advocate with a perpetual raised eyebrow, Chanel is one of our very favorite Fascinating People.

Andy Edmunds—2016 Fascinating Person #9

RVANews Live: Fascinating People 2016 may be sold out, but you still can read all about Fan Favorite Andy Edmunds. And maybe email him or something? You might get an entertaining reply!

Valley Haggard — 2016 Fascinating Person #8

They say those who can do, and those who can’t teach. They’re super wrong, by the way, because Valley Haggard does both fascinatingly well.

Prabir Mehta—2016 Fascinating Person #7

Musician, science enthusiast, and all-around Fascinating Person, Prabir might one day get tired of delighting people. That day will be the end of RVA as we know it.

Sarah Fought—2016 Fascinating Person #6

She’s like that person you know whose head is in the clouds combined with that person you know who has their feet on the ground. She’s a fascinating thinker of thoughts about living life.

Cheryl Groce-Wright — 2016 Fascinating Person #5

She’s become an expert on Greater Fulton, runs their Neighborhood Resource Center, has helped the community continue the long process of picking itself up and dusting itself off. It’s a fascinating part of town, and she is a fascinating advocate for it.

Joan Bowling — 2016 Fascinating Person #4

She’s just so eloquent and clear about being eloquent and clear. Joan Bowling is the most meta part of our Fascinating People event.