Prabir Mehta—2016 Fascinating Person #7

Musician, science enthusiast, and all-around Fascinating Person, Prabir might one day get tired of delighting people. That day will be the end of RVA as we know it.

Photo by: Dave Dugdale

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If you ask Prabir for a favor (say “Tell me your thoughts on trees!” or “What do you think about doing a podcast for us?), he will likely go above and beyond going above and beyond. It’s not just because he has more energy than anyone we know (besides perhaps Heather Waters), it’s because he has general enthusiasm about every single subject.

Science is really his baby–although maybe a twin baby with music–and Prabir has a knack for making science interesting and downright fun for those of us who slept through Physics (sorry, Mr. Goehle). Through his creative consulting company, My Glasses Rule, he works with the Science Museum to do just that.

He’s floated the idea of using his eight minutes to pump us up about the Drake equation, but we don’t know how it’ll go down yet. Knowing that guy, it’ll be a fully produced eight-minute musical with original songs by Goldrush.

We can also tell when anybody in our office is on the phone with Prabir, because that person will just laugh continually. When we casually mentioned doing a humor piece about repurposing recycling bins, he showed up to assist in about 20 minutes.

— ∮∮∮ —

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