Fascinating Person #1 — Heather Waters

Her entire life revolves around helping out emerging filmmakers in various ways. It’s pretty fascinating.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski.

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We first spoke with Heather Waters when we decided to cover the 2015 Richmond International Film Festival with more depth than we had in years past. She was instantly responsive and enthusiastic, and we went from “Oh, this is just going to be one of those phone calls where we get some facts and then are on our way” to “Wait…how on earth do you manage to do all the things that you do?”

Here’s just a sliver of what we learned from our first chat-turned-fascinating-discussion with Heather Waters.

We’d go on to meet Heather in person at the festival itself, and then later when she graciously accepted an invitation to be a part of the film in Virginia panel at RVANews Live #002.

Poor Heather just can’t escape from our clutches. Right before the 2016 RIFF rolls out the red carpet, we’ve hooked her back in.

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