A Fake Richmonder’s recycling bin repurposing guide

Now that most of us have the big recycling carts, the little green guys are no longer necessary. It seems counterproductive to throw them away, so a Fake Richmonder has some ideas.

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Original — August 27, 2015

We’re loving our wonderful new recycling carts! They’re bigger, they have lids, they roll, and they can just live out back with our supercans!

We’ve had a couple of readers ask what we recommend doing with the old, green recycling bins. So after a couple of hours of brainstorming, we came up with some ideas.

1. Use it as a lightweight, take-anywhere chair.


2. Keep the sun off your face with your new fashion-forward hat!

Recycling Bin Hat

3. Petition to make it the next RVA monument on the avenue.

MonumentAve Statue

4. Take a nap in it.


5. Drive it to work.


6. Partner with it to create the city’s next hot startup.

Start Up

7. Help it train to run the Monument Avenue 10K.


8. Let it infiltrate a group of cool VCU students, and get it to tell you what the kids are into these days.


9. Explain to it that the Big Bike Race™ won’t actually be bringing in 450,000 people, so it should stop panicking.


10. Get frustrated and give up.


11. Find it on Tinder.


12. Swipe right.


13. Take things to the next level (and live happily ever after).

Take it to the next level

— ∮∮∮ —

Special thanks to Prabir Mehta of My Glasses Rule (a community oriented creative consulting and marketing agency) and three very accommodating VCU kids who totally got exactly what we were trying to do, which made us feel very hip.

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