Joan Bowling — 2016 Fascinating Person #4

She’s just so eloquent and clear about being eloquent and clear. Joan Bowling is the most meta part of our Fascinating People event.

Photo by David Gallagher.

Meet each of the Fascinating People we’ve invited to speak for eight minutes on whatever they want. It goes down on Wednesday, February 24th. Learn more here or just go ahead and snag some tickets.

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Joan Bowling’s response when we asked her to be one of our Fascinating People was something to the tune of, “Count me in, and really, I’m most looking forward to meeting all the other fascinating people! What a great opportunity!”

That is how she talks, in exclamation marks and with a keen interest in collecting interesting people. The mind and vocal cords behind Joan Bowling Presents, Joan is a public speaking coach (hear an hour or so of her advice here). And she’s so good at helping people tell their stories because she’s genuinely absorbed in those stories! Joan has an innate ability to figure out what about you is special and unique, and she helps you get over your shyness and tell the rest of the world what you have to say.

It’s pretty amazing! In person, she is like a warm, smiley, and elegant breeze (can a breeze be smiley?), and she never mixes up her words or says things like “You too!” when a cinema ticket-taker says “Enjoy your movie.” Instead, she just says encouraging things off the cuff, and you leave the conversation feeling pretty dang confident.

And now we bring her to you in the flesh!

— ∮∮∮ —

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