Carrie Rose Pace — 2016 Fascinating Person #12

You might know Carrie as the best explainer of all things bus-related, but we know her as the best explainer of a whole lot of other fascinating things too.

Photo by: Will Weaver.

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There might be someone that we call more than Carrie Rose Pace from the GRTC, but I can’t think of anyone. We’ve been using her as a resource ever since she became their Public Relations Manager, and she’s famous in these parts for her deep knowledge of the bus system, despite not even being on board for a full year.

Then, we asked her to speak at an RVANews Live, and somehow or other, we got on the topic of meteorology and geology (other interests she has, because, you know, why just know an intense amount about one thing?), and she dropped knowledge on a transfixed crowd.

I believe Carrie understands Richmond and maybe even Virginia from the ground up, literally, and I believe she probably has attacked other subjects with as much fervor (rumor has it, she’s a huge Disney buff as well). (Well, if by “rumor” you mean the fact that I asked her to come speak on whatever she wants, and she grabbed both of my arms and said, “DISNEY!?!?!?!?”)

Seriously, though! I’m thinking: how the DisneyWorld bus system works and what we can learn from it? Or maybe how currents would have truly affected Ariel and her shipwreck hobby?

So many options!

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