Sarah Fought—2016 Fascinating Person #6

She’s like that person you know whose head is in the clouds combined with that person you know who has their feet on the ground. She’s a fascinating thinker of thoughts about living life.

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My favorite memory of Sarah Fought’s appearance at RVANews Live #004 was when she was spreading love and joy like she always does, but then interrupted herself to say “Listen, I’m not gonna lie. I KonMaried my chickens.”

What’s a KonMari? Why, it’s a very simple life philosophy that masquerades as a “tidying” philosophy, and it’s the subject of a book written by Marie Kondo (KonMari for short)! If you’re not into it, you’re probably really annoyed by the calm and joyful look KonMari devotees get on their faces when they talk about donating all of their clothes. You probably also just haven’t gotten the bug yet. Believe us, you will.

Anyway, Sarah took it upon herself as an early adopter to write a little bit about how KonMari has changed her life. It was the first of several submissions she’d give to us, and boy were we glad we’d acted on a hunch. While her writing sure sparks a lot of joy, it’s safe to say that being in her presence is joyful to the max.

Sarah’s an art teacher in the Richmond Public School system, so she’s also got lots of feelings on education. She’s decided this time to charm us to pieces with more thoughts about KonMari and consciousness. You will be charmed, don’t you worry.

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