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CarMax clips ties with LA Clippers after owner’s racist remarks

The local company is the first to formally end ties with the NBA team after the owner reportedly made racist remarks.

The Lone Ranger: The glory days of (someone else’s) childhood

Maybe if I’d been alive in the first half of the 20th Century, I’d be able to overlook this overblown film’s flaws, but I was too busy trying desperately to become a human being, sooooo…

Editorial: The (fake) Redskins naming controversy

The whole Redskins naming controversy is a big fuss over nothing, an example of how the misguided actions of a few can rain on the parade of many.

Men in Black 3: Galaxy pretenders

Some movies are great. Some movies are terrible. Some movies are neither great nor terrible, and these are invariably the hardest movies to review. Men in Black 3 is one of these movies, and about it I have almost zero thoughts.