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‘Buddy Up’ program offering free pet adoptions to service members, veterans this week

Active duty and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces can adopt a dog or cat this week free of charge, thanks to a unique partnership.

How to wear out kids and pets together

It’s easy to forget your animal dependents when you’re so busy with your human ones, but there are a bunch of ways to get them on the same, active team. Epic naps ahead!

Raising Richmond: So long, Milhouse

Last week we had the first pet death in our family. As much as I complain about all my pets, it doesn’t mean that losing one was easy.

Gayton Animal Hospital team opening second West End veterinary clinic

The team behind a long-time West End pet hospital has its eyes on John Rolfe Parkway for a second location.

5 Things

As the city wakes up from its summer repose, wring the last drops of summer from the fabric of your weekend. Labor Day weekend fast approacheth, y’all. Get moving.

Wine & Whiskers at Willow Lawn

Note: “pet-friendly” means dog-friendly

Raising Richmond: Old man Shooter

We have this old, smelly, grumpy dog named Shooter who drives me crazy. But I dread the day when we’ll have to say goodbye to him.

Missing cat in the neighborhood

Missing cat in the neighborhood. Please call the number below if you have any information.

Bill gives officers more options, dogs more chances

A bill giving animal control officers flexibility in dealing with livestock-injuring dogs is heading to the desk of Gov. Terry McAuliffe for signature, after passing the Senate unanimously this past week.

Bill seeks adjacent graves for pets and owners

Virginia codes currently prohibit animals and humans from being buried together in the same cemetery, but one delegate hopes to change that.