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Matthew E. White’s debut album, ‘Big Inner’, released today

The anticipated album from one of RVA’s top local musicians has already earned national press.

Megafaun featuring RVA

Somewhere between Bon Iver’s newest record, their sold out show at The National and trombonist Reggie Pace joining the band, Richmond discovered and fell in love with Justin Vernon’s music. While many in Richmond are familiar with Bon Iver, fewer are familiar with Megafaun. That is about to change. Now based in Durham, North Carolina, […]

District rendezvous

From the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center to Subterranean A, last Wednesday night was a night of opposites. In an event advertised as “North meets South”, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society from Brooklyn and Richmond’s Fight the Big Bull did just that.

David Karsten Daniels & Fight the Big Bull: Thoreau-ly invested

I Mean To Live Here Still is the brand new album out next week that expands David Karsten Daniels’s horizons and is catapulting Richmond’s Fight the Big Bull into new limelights.

Deep dish: Matt White on Fight the Big Bull’s new record

With the release of their second album, some things have changed for Fight the Big Bull. Matt White talks about those changes, the album, and more in an audio commentary over the entire new record, All Is Gladness In The Kingdom.

Fight the Big Bull at Balliceaux: A new space, a new sound

Last night, coming off of their three year gig at the restaurant and bar Cous Cous, Fight the Big Bull began their new bi-weekly residency at Balliceaux. The difference from the old home turf to the new was striking, from the band’s sound to their appearance.

Fight the Big Bull to call Balliceaux home

Fight the Big Bull‘s Matt White said today that the band’s bi-weekly gig is being relocated to the new restaurant Balliceaux, effective November 4. The band will continue performing every other Wednesday as they have been doing in the past — for “three years and counting,” says their website — at Cous Cous. Ombak, which […]

Season Four at Cous Cous

Tonight marks the return of Fight the Big Bull and Ombak’s rotation on their home turf venue, Cous Cous. The summer there has been occupied by various bands, but these two regulars have been on summer vacation since May 27. In what’s being called “Season 4,” they’re back to bring life to Wednesday nights once again.

RVA Magazine: The State of Jazz

By Dean Christesen This article was originally published in the July 2009 Music Issue of RVA Magazine. It is reprinted with permission here. photo: Dean Christesen It’s Wednesday night and Cous Cous is packed. I can hardly make it back to the bar to get another beer, so I stand with my empty glass watching […]

Three Richmond Musician Moguls

by Dean Christesenphotos by Will Fisher The following Q&A was published in The Commonwealth Times on July 1, 2009, and is reprinted here with permission. While the article’s main purpose was to give advice to young musicians wishing to form bands, the responses from Burton, Pace, and White are valuable and should be of interest […]