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Civil War: A New Year’s Day “feast”

150 years ago, the holidays were a deluge of rain and mud. Sound familiar? Oh well, at least we won’t have New Years stuck in the trenches of Petersburg.

WCVE hosting free premiere screening of ‘Mercy Street’ at The Byrd this Sunday

The Civil War drama was filmed in and around Petersburg.

Richmond during the Civil War: Thanksgiving

Did you know that a woman named Sarah, a president named Abe, and events that transpired over 200 years after the first Thanksgiving feast helped establish the holiday we now celebrate?

Civil War: Endings and beginnings

Here it is, the end of a very long and very bloody road. Thus concludes our four-year series commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and its impact on Richmond.

Civil War: Lincoln arrives in Richmond

Honest Abe stops in to measure the drapes!

Civil War: The Fall of Richmond

Lee flees, the city burns, and the liquor is literally flowing in the streets during this milestone day in our city’s past.

Be an extra in Civil War drama, helps if you’re missing limbs

Specifically looking for very thin men (with no tattoos) and male amputees to play soldiers.

Events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the fall of Richmond

Images of flames will be projected on downtown buildings to represent the fires that were set as Confederate troops evacuated the city 150 years earlier.

Civil War: The winter of desertion

They were committed to their Cause. They were angry at the other half of their nation. They were willing to fight to the death! Until a winter of not being paid, clothed, fed, or sheltered made them all peace out. And with dang good reason.

Civil War: The winter drags on

For the Confederate soldiers and citizens of Petersburg behind siege lines, things grow more difficult and food becomes scarce.