Archives: 2015 10 x 10

BridgePark: It’s out there

It’s not just an idea anymore, it’s a real plan that could actually be considered, implemented, and enjoyed. Is it Richmond’s time to High Line?

10 x 10 Week 10: BridgePark within four walls

The final week of 1708 Gallery’s 10 x 10 brings a very unique preview of what a High Line-esque park could do for us all.

Partner with your child and make some art: The latest 10 x 10 in action

Artist and elementary art educator Sarah Fought takes her two-year-old to Angela M. D. Allen’s new hands-on project/exhibit at 1708 Gallery.

10 x 10 Week 8: Matthew Shelton and Nikolai Mahesh Noel’s regime of forgetting

Two artists explore how their backgrounds—one a heritage of being an oppressor and one a heritage of being oppressed—affect how they see the world.

10 x 10 Week 7: Dog Days by Community Room

It’s art like you’ve never before experienced—and different every night. Community Room takes over 1708 for some fringey cool artistic expression, man.

10 x 10 Week 6: ART^2

Two VCU students are making the rest of us look lazy—oh, and they’re also giving adolescent kids a chance to explore their artistic talent, learn a lot about their community, and work on some collaborative skills.

10 x 10 Week 5: The Houff Foundation’s re:Interns

The Houff Foundation takes over for 1708’s interns this week, hosting a panel that debates the good and bad for working for little to no financial compensation. Also featured: many years of the Monster Drawing Rally’s best pieces.

10 x 10 Week 4: Storefront and their Neighbors

Storefront weaves Week 4 of 10 x 10 into its National Association on Community Design Conference, which its proud to host for the very first time.

10 x 10 Week 3: Performing Statistics

Mark Strandquist’s Performing Statistics tackles criminal justice reform in a way that involves, well, everyone.

10 x 10 Week 2: Milk River Arts

The second of ten creative projects that will occupy 1708 Gallery this summer—Milk River Arts will give their week over to adult artists with special needs.