Happy Weekend, RVA: We’re not saying the “p” word yet

What’s orange and full of seeds? Not this weekend, I’ll tell you what.

Photo by: carolineyi

This weekend will be partly cloudy and in the upper 80s with lows in the 60s on Saturday and up to 90 °F on Sunday. Apparel translation: the outfit you wear every weekend (which I assume is some sort of shorts and tank top ensemble) with a long sleeve shirt overnight. And I don’t want to see people walking around wearing boots and talking about pumpkin spice. I don’t even want to hear anyone say the word “pumpkin.” It’s still summer, people. You’re going to eat a popsicle, and you’re going to like it.


Although I have a fat-cheeked three-month old baby at home, I changed the background of my computer desktop to this photo of peanut butter cups made by Abby Waller.

In recycling news (one of my favorite types of news), Fake Richmonder has suggestions for repurposing old recycling bins. Also check out this helpful tip about Recycling Perks. I signed up with the link and all my recycling bin info autofilled, which I presume is because I’m a valued citizen and noted recycler.

People who like bicycles in Richmond seem to me like the most adequately-served demographic in town, but they probably don’t see it that way. Anyway, the Capital Trail is nearing completion.

In Big Bike Race™ news, according to Councilman Charles Samuels’s fall newsletter, zoning issues with Airbnb have not been resolved yet, making it still a no-go in Richmond, though I’m not sure what’s keeping anyone from renting the use of their bathroom for $100 a day and then throwing in the entire house for free.

A Richmond Public Schools teacher offers a little before school prework to motivate and challenge people to work toward a better future for the kids. I’m sending my oldest child into the RPS world next month, and I’m hopeful that whoever her teacher is that he or she has a magical glitter unicorn already decorated.


  • Catch up on PostBourgie podcasts, including a recent interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones in the wake of her excellent two-part episode of This American Life about school desegregation, and #GrowingUpSouthern, a discussion between former Richmonder Terryn and Philadelphia Native Gene about how they view the Confederate Flag differently.


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