Go Do This: Nature Connects®: Art With LEGO Bricks® at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

I never thought that grass and LEGO could go together. I was wrong!

Navigating the weird, wonderful, but mostly weird world of grandparenting

They used to be rational human beings, but now they won’t stop buying plastic, noisy stuff and feeding your kids sugar. Kelly Gerow has some advice for all parties.

Why you shouldn’t panic about Maymont Children’s Farm

How will the temporary closing of Maymont’s Children’s Farm affect your plans this summer? Not by much – but read about it anyway.

What to expect when you’re expecting to go to RPS: A generally positive outlook

Kelly Gerow’s child starts kindergarten with RPS in the fall. Yeah, you got an opinion about that? So did a whole lot of people she spoke to personally.

How to spend your Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

This Monday, January 18th, making it a day on (not a day off), can be easy and—gosh darn it—it can be fun, too. Kelly Gerow has all sorts of serviceable suggestions.

Parks, recreation, and all your exercise needs

Richmond’s own Parks and Rec department is a treasure trove of fitness, dance, sports, swimming, hiking, camping, kayaking, and many more classes for the entire family. Did you know that!?

2015 gift guide for people who have KonMari’ed and don’t want more physical objects

There are intangible things to give!

The second life of your cast-off race clothes

Are those gloves and hats you fling off during the Richmond Marathon and such races really given to someone in need?

Happy Weekend, RVA: We’re not saying the “p” word yet

What’s orange and full of seeds? Not this weekend, I’ll tell you what.

Our House: Bed rest and beyond

Did you miss Kelly Gerow? One of our favorite parenting columnists in THE WORLD is finally emerging from an unexpected couple of months in the hospital, and then an expected couple of months home with her new baby boy. What does that all do to a family anyway?