Happy Weekend, RVA: It’s finally here!

Was this the longest week in history for everyone else, too? Who cares! It’s not 150 degrees and we have many festivals to go to.

Happy weekend, RVA! It’s potentially pretty rainy this weekend, with highs that have a “7” in front of them! Fall, I forgot about the good parts of you! Look out for storms, though. Nobody wants you to get struck by lightning and ruin their fun at one of the four billion festivals going on.

In case you missed it

RVANews Live #004 went off without a hitch. Many thanks to Sarah Fought and Ana Edwards for being fascinating and entertaining. We started planning RVANews Live #005 yesterday morning, and boy oh boy. That is all I’ll say (until like a month beforehand, and then I will be saying a whole helluva lot).

The Armenian Food Festival is this weekend (along with a ton of other festivals this weekend), and we had a request from a reader to find a story from an Armenian genocide survivor (this year marks the 100th anniversary). Doing any level of research on this horrific event will immediately cause you to break out into a cold sweat of anxiety, but this as-told-to story originally recorded by the late Jack Tootelian and passed along to me via his daughter, Anne Norris, is probably going to upset your Saturday for a bit. But that’s good! Go on over to the festival (at St. James Armenian Church, 834 Pepper Avenue) this weekend and learn more about Armenian culture (which is, thankfully, still with us) by way of cuisine.

Another festival of much interest, PrideFest 2015 is a place to get your uniqueness on and also your music-fan on.

I had no interest in Minecraft, until I read this account of Valerie Catrow giving up and joining in. I now look at my own small child’s ongoing sitcom starring his tiny trucks and think, “Maybe this isn’t so boring after all, and maybe I should join in and stir up the pot by making Dump Truck jealous of the growing friendship between Backhoe and Fire Truck.”

Ross went into a very deep BRT hole and has yet to come out. ARE YOU THERE, ROSS? MAY I LOWER YOU DOWN A SANDWICH?

Here’s this week’s best quote from Food News (which I always announce loudly and jarringly after working in bed quietly on Wednesday nights, to the delight and shock of the human and canine within earshot):

Let me ask you-When a waitress offers you a choice of biscuits or toast, do you scoff at her, galled that she would even equate a dumb piece of crunchy bread to the miraculous feat of physics and flavor that is a fluffy, buttery biscuit?

One of our new writers, Brett Stonecipher, did a great set of interviews about bike culture in Richmond, beyond the BBR™. 

Which, by the way, if you’re dead set on leaving town next week, here’s how to do so with your family, for not that much money.

And if you just want to run your anxiety out, there are plenty of opps to do that as well.


This week, we will be able to stop speculating about the race and start living it. You can live it a lot more chillaxingly if you dress up a beer with one of these


We’re hiring! No, not to work with the intensely loud and annoying content crew (sorry), but very physically close to us! Think you’d like to flex your sales muscles and work on some cool new ideas we have? Here’s the job description. Hit us up!

Heads up

Our official Big Bike Race™ guide starts next week, which means YET MORE content about cycling, the race, what to do, where to go, what to wear, what to listen to, how to think, why to think, who to thank for all of this, and when to throw your hands up in the air and surrender.

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

What about Duck Army? We missed it!

I thought you might. Here it is in reverse.

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