Good Evening, RVA: October 23rd, 2015

Skateboards, fear, and Restaurant Week fake menus.

Photo by: Alex Schloe


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It was a hungry day in RVA.

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Daniel Harman

How cool is it that skateboarding still exists?

October 21st came and went without hoverboards. Whoa, that is probably a really weird sentence to read if you don’t know about Back to the Future Day. And honestly I’m not truly convinced that Marty McFly is the kind of guy who would be into skateboarding, but Heaton Johnson’s latest photoessay on RVA skateboarders is pretty sweet.

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BRT me, It’s so easy!

If there is a PDF lying around, you can bet Ross Catrow will read it. And if there’s a BRT meeting happening next week (there are two!), you can bet we will have a lot of information about it for you. To save your brain from certain boredom-melt, he has paraphrased some Qs and As in the material the GRTC has released in anticipation of this meeting.

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Oh, just some fake menus?

Fake Richmonder is a weird thing we do to amuse ourselves/each other/you. Here is the latest iteration, re: Restaurant Week menus. We’ve had a joke running for years about how key lime pie is a ubiquitous Restaurant Week menu item. This year seems to be no exception. Years never are.

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Ghoul you know it’s true

All the creepy clowns, mad doctors, blood spattered ladies in nightgowns, guys with chainsaws, vengeful demons, and dark, dark, darkness you could ever want.

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New menu, new taps, a new you!

Feast your eyes on Postbellum’s new menu and then feast your liver with new draft beers at taZa.

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indian sari fabric

There are almost too many festivals

As if that were even possible! Festival of India, the Zombie Walk, Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Fest, Celtic Festival, and Festival of the Antique plus stuff next weekend, too!

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Actual guy with actual Axl Rose skeleton puppet

First you’ll be like “Zzzz” but then you’ll be like “Whoa, the nuances!”


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