Good Evening, RVA: November 30th, 2015

We’re back from break, and you’re still here! We’re so relieved.

Photo by: Michael Chronister

It was a droopy day in RVA.

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Our house

Adoption stories are the new everything else

This story of Jamie and Jan Surface and their experience with adopting young children long after their biological were grown is the triumphant end of our National Adoption Awareness Month Our Houses. Thanks, Children’s Home Society of Virginia, for introducing us to so many of these inspiring families. We feel really and truly underwhelmed by our own problems now and are resolved to be better humans.

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Photo by Will Weaver

Basketball, basketball, basketball in words and pictures

Check out Will Weaver’s pretty fun photos of this Saturday’s game between VCU and ODU men’s basketball. I like the one of Melvin Johnson looking like he’s going “Oh gee whiz! We sure got those two points! Hooray for us!” Learn why MJ was so gosh-darn excited–read Aaron Williams’s explanation of how it all went down.

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Spamsgiving again

Because if you missed it, you’ll be sorry. Here it is!

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Tons of Avatar jokes contained herein

We sent Colonel Quaritch to critique Cirque du Soleil, because he’s been working really hard in the mailroom and we thought he deserved a chance. Could this be his big break??.

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Cyber Monday threatens to end in mere hours!

Let’s hope you’ve taken the necessary precautions.

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Drink local booze

Photo by: swanksalot

RVANews Live threatens to start in mere days!

Win two tickets for you and a person who is lucky enough to be in your presence.

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This changes many ways in which we romanticize fall

But who cares! Raking sucks! Do it this way instead.

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