5 Things: Tunes, laughs, daggers, skulls, and cider, always cider

It’s really a bunch of things, loosely separated into five categories, but we didn’t think you’d mind.

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1. An inordinate amount of live music

Many instruments will be creating soundwaves this weekend (and beyond), and we have some that we recommend you point your ears toward. Firstly, Delta Rae and Tallest Man on Earth are personally thumbsed-up by our very own Andrew Cothern. Nextly, this punk showcase caught my eye, and not just because of all the poop language and imagery involved–well, OK, directly because of that. I like when anything that has the reputation for being tough lets itself laugh over toddler jokes. Lastly, the “All White Concert” is not a cause for alarm (although I did gasp for a second). Keith Sweat, Angie Stone, and Silk will be doing their thing, while you wear fancy dress whites. Sigh of relief.

  • See our event calendar for more listings
  • Venues all over the dang place
  • With various prices!

2. Now is the time to see Hamlet

Back for its second go-round in 5 Things, Hamlet should be on your list for this weekend. I can now say this with absolute certainty, having seen the thing myself. It is…majestic. And not just because I’m deeply in love with everyone involved after a very enlightening interview. There are some truly laugh-out-loud parts, as an added bonus. And you don’t see that a lot with ol’ “Is this a dagger I see before me” Glumlet Glummerson. The play only runs through next weekend, so get thee to a virtual box office.

  • Thursday, July 23rd – Sunday, August 2nd • 7:30 PM
  • Agecroft Hall, 4305 Sulgrave Road
  • $30 with discounts available (like a pretty rad 50% off student deal)

3. An inordinate amount of live comedy

There’s a ton going on in the Comedy World this weekend, which is a world I would like to live in full-time. And now just saying that suddenly made the regular world a lot less fun, and now I’m in a bad mood. So thanks for NOTHING, Coalition Theater (featuring Richmond Famous w/Cosplayer Jillian Ryan, longform improv, the Jambalaya improv jam, and the weekly slumber party) and Funny Bone (featuring Dave Landau).

  • This weekend • various times
  • Coalition Theater, 8 W. Broad Street • Funny Bone Comedy Club, 11800 W. Broad Street #1090
  • Various prices!

4. Things That Can Kill You: Weapons, Disease, and other Dangerous Stuff

I’m going to make a big leap of faith and decide with great optimism that a “behind the scenes tour” of “things that can kill you” is not a tongue-in-cheek way to say that you will actually die during this event at the VHS. IF NOT: this sounds really cool! They’re showing off the deadly things in their collection and talking about how it all shaped history. If I think about that too much, I want to go back to Comedy World.

  • Saturday, July 25th • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Virginia Historical Society, 428 N. Boulevard
  • $17 ($10 for members)

5. Blue Bee Birthday Bash

What a fitting end to our Local Booze Fornight— a trip to Blue Bee, where you’ll celebrate their second birthday with live music, Shyndigz cake, a new dessert cider, chocolate, and Firecracker (the cider, not the explosive entertainment). I adore Blue Bee’s cider, and if I were made of money–the a big human-shaped pile of cash that requires no liver–I would drink it instead of literally every other liquid.

  • Saturday, July 25th • 12:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Blue Bee Cider, 212 W. 6th Street
  • Free to attend!
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