Archives: 2015 booze week

Beer News: Weird beer, massive quantities of beer, analysis of beer, and just a lot of beer

The word “beer” was just said too many times, and now it looks bizarre.

Pasture’s Beth Dixon on cocktail trends and daily inspiration

After four plus years behind the bar of Pasture, you’d think Dixon would be out of unique daily cocktail ideas. You’d be wrong.

Be a Richmond beer explorer

Page Hayes takes it upon herself to blaze a trail—a sudsy trail with heroic intentions! We present to you, the complete personality guide to Richmond’s many breweries!

Virginia Wine, by the numbers

A look at the last few years of winemaking in the commonwealth.

James River Distillery: Local gins are the new local everything else

Each of James River’s three gins—including their new UA Navy Strength—are different, special, and drinkable. They do not choose favorites, but we do.

Blue Bee Cider: A biased interview

Richmond’s favorite cidery has a cool process and a cool future ahead in their new location in Scott’s Addition. All of that is great news, but go ahead and just gimme the dang cider.

How goes it with those who can can?: Crowler updates for RVA!

Hardywood and Strangeways are still Crowlering it up—and there’s been an update on the ABC situation. In case you missed our piece on these huge aluminum cans, in which you can stick your choice of beer, straight from the tap, we’ve included it for your convenience!

Triple Crossing taps into the gluten-removed space

Local beer innovators Triple Crossing are using a new product to remove the gluten from Element 79. The result is a delicious beer that may be safe for gluten-intolerant drinkers.

Richmond, Virginia: The original beer can testing ground

We gave it a thumbs up. You’re welcome, world!