City Council: Ban the Box

Awards and recognitions, “Ban the Box,” and parallel parking restrictions top the agenda at last night’s City Council meeting.

City Council: City Clerk shake-up

Light agenda, but City Council dealt with at least one important item on Monday: the firing of City Clerk Alvin Anderson.

City Council: Storm windows

So far this year it’s been very quiet, but there are storm clouds on the horizon–and last night’s storms were about windows.

City Council: The people’s business

Well, it’s not all high drama, or even low drama, but the business of the people went on anyway last night at City Council.

City Council: A clear cut mistake

It’s a cold drizzly night, and there’s a sparse crowd for the inaugural Council session of 2013. Not much on the agenda, although it looks like the Redskins training camp has stepped in a big pile of doo-doo.

City Council: The kids are all right

Last night City Council swore in three new members and elected a new president. It’s the biggest change in City Council in years.

City Council: A night with the stars

The real fun on tonight’s City Council program was a celebration of some real Richmond celebrities and heroes.

City Council: Lame ducks, Redskins, and Riverfronts

This may be a lame duck session, but the City has important business to attend to: the Redskins’ new practice facility and the riverfront plan.

2013’s City Council: The Quick and the Dead

There were some surprising results in last week’s Council election, some that will change the character of City Council, so let’s go.

City Council: Hail to the Redskins

Election fever is in the air, presidential debates and Dancing With the Stars are stealing their thunder, but I’m here at City Hall to make sure the public is informed.