The week ahead: Making a giant leap into spring

Would you believe me if I told you that today and tomorrow are going to be the two coldest days this week? It’s the truth – spring has finally arrived.

The week ahead: Be on the lookout for a rare sighting of Spring-like weather

For the first time in what seems like a very long time, we’re talking about temperatures that don’t start with a three or four.

The week ahead: It’s almost April, and we’re still talking about snow

Another snow discussion? It’s almost April! If you’re a snow fan, don’t get your hopes up too much.

The week ahead: Beyond a sunny start lies a damp weekend

I can’t call this weekend a complete washout, but chances are good that you’re going to see some rain this weekend.

The week ahead: Hey! Where’d winter go?

Compared to the last several weeks, this one’s going to be downright fantastic. We’re not out of winter’s grasp yet, but at least we’re getting a brief reprieve.

Snow Recap: What happened?

A look back at the snow storm that (almost) wasn’t, along with analysis of where things went wrong, and some thoughts for the future.

UPDATE: Snow still likely at this point, but totals quickly trending downward

The models are continuing to support snow on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the amount of snow we’re looking at is dwindling a bit.

The week ahead: Spring still lurking below the horizon

Although the days are getting longer, we’re still in a very wintry pattern. There’s a couple more chances for some ice coming up over the next couple days.

Saturday night snow? Outlook still hazy; get ready for colder temps this weekend

It’s the weekend, which means we’re worried about snow yet again. Here’s what to expect.

The week ahead: mild temperatures, multiple rounds of rain before Valentine’s Day

We’re getting a break from a somewhat active winter over the next few days, with some rain the only spoiler to a mild beginning to next week. However, the pattern remains busy, with the potential for more rain coming late this week.