The Richmond Salvador Dali statue folly

The famed surrealist painter came this close to designing a statue that would join the ranks of the Confederate elite on Monument Ave. What kept Dali’s subject from being immortalized on one of Richmond’s main thoroughfares? And, by the way, what ever happened to Dali-land, a theme park to rival Disneyland?

City Council Recap: The Future of City Stadium

Heated debate over the future of City Stadium erupted during last night’s City Council meeting. Two papers were up for discussion that planned to create a study of the stadium and the vacant GRTC lot on Main Street — though the stadium was the main focus of public comment.

City Council recap: Carytown big boxed?

City Council, by a unanimous vote, approved a special use permit for the Verizon building in Carytown last night. The decision effectively authorizes a group of Maryland developers to turn the former office space into several retail units, including a grocery store rumored to be a Fresh Market.

City Council recap: zoning in Church Hill & Library funding

Last night’s City Council meeting was a scene of heavy debate over zoning in Church Hill and the future of public libraries citywide.

City Council recap: Redistricting

After much debate, City Council unanimously agreed upon criteria to follow when redistricting Richmond’s nine districts over the next year. The redistricting process helps ensure equality and fairness.

Monroe Park: the City responds

Responses from Parks & Recreation and Councilman Samuels on some of the concerns highlighted by the Monroe Park campaign — specifically the homeless who live and or congregate in the park.

The Monroe Park campaign

The Monroe Park campaign is a group of individuals determined to keep Monroe Park public and open throughout the planned extensive renovation period — at least nine months.

The future of Monroe Park

The Monroe Park Master Plan spans 130 pages giving an exhaustive look at the park’s history, faults, and future.

City Council recap: Futures of burial ground and UR stadium debated

Last night’s city council meeting approved over a half a million dollars in federal funds for city programs, and rehashed new and old debates during the public comment period. Also, the future of the former University of Richmond Stadium was brought to light by Jaclyn Snow, a 5th district resident.

City Council recap: Taxes, gangs, burial grounds, and more

Monday’s City Council meeting dealt mainly with taxes and enhanced penalties for gang and drug activity in designated areas. However, issues like the shooting in Tucson and continued debate over the slave burial ground in Shockoe Bottom were also brought to the table.