5 Things for Families

Every time you do one of these 5 things, an angel gets its wings.


Raising Richmond: Christmas all over again

My husband and I are spending our eighth Christmas together. As our family gets older, holiday traditions keep growing, and a newly-interested-in-Christmas kid makes things feel a little brighter.


Baby book, revisited

Regular baby book prompts are for the birds. Allow me to present a few alternative ideas for your consideration.


5 Things for Families

When I think about this week, I can’t help but quote the wise Travis Birckenstock: “Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun.”


Make Binford Middle community-based and community-supported once again

Now, more so than any time in the last six years, the attention of the School Board and much of the city has turned to Binford Middle School and its future.


Virginia’s “Hour of Code” kicks off at 10:00 AM

It’s Computer Science Education Week, and CodeVA invites you (kids, parents, everyone!) to get in on it…TODAY!


Raising Richmond: Eaten by sharks

Sharks! Murder! iPads! Inside the weird world of my daughter’s imaginary siblings.


Downstream from the fire hydrant

There’s a sentiment today that we deny our children the freedoms of play we once enjoyed, but I’m not sure things are that different for our kids…or that we’re that different from our parents.


5 Things for Families

I tried to not overload you with yuletide activities this week, but you know what, guys? I think we all should go ahead and surrender to the season. Happy holidays!


Raising Richmond: A gift-giving guide for kids who have too much stuff

What to get for the kid whose parents don’t want you to get anything.