Jail cell

Shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline

Virginia leads the country in referrals of students to law enforcement. Local legislators, police, and school officials are working to change that.


Wegman’s donation will upgrade the Children’s Museum grocery stores

Our children will get to pretend shop in an upgraded pretend grocery store and hopefully learn about non-pretend eating habits.


5 Things for Families: hearts, magic, monkeys, and more

Looking for ways to help your kids burn off all that sugar they’ll ingest at their school Valentine’s Day parties? Richmond has you covered.

Snow door knob

Too much togetherness: Thoughts on treating cabin fever

Why is being trapped indoors with your family so dang hard? You love them, yes?

Colored pencils

Coming soon: Virginia Preschool Initiative registration

Planning to register your child in Richmond City’s (free!) VPI program? Online registration starts on Tuesday, and in-person registration kicks off next month. Allow us to share some helpful info to get you squared away…

Children's museum

Celebrate Black History Month at CMoR

Beginning this weekend, the Children’s Museum of Richmond Central location will offer a series of special performances to honor Black History Month.


You can do something real to fix Richmond Public Schools facilities, another meeting added

Beginning this week, Richmond Public Schools will host another round of community meetings to review and gather feedback on the Facilities Task Force Needs Report. Here is our impassioned plea.

Lego city

5 Things for Families: movies, museums, magic, and more!

A handful of things for you and your family to do before you settle down for Chips-And-Dips Day this Sunday.


The Cobbler’s Child: A photoessay of failure

As a librarian, it’s Hayley DeRoche’s job to be up on diversity in books. Then she realized her daughter’s books were a blinding lily-white. Whoops!

Lego calendar

Listen up! Snow-caused adjustments to local public school calendars

Last week’s inclement weather tasked Richmond-area public schools with tweaking their academic calendars. Thanks, #snowbama.