Raising Richmond: Back to school for the first time

The start of preschool sets the schedule for the rest of my child’s childhood: field trips, book bags, school photos. Bring it.


Futile anger at Internet misogyny

Anita Sarkeesian released her latest episode of Feminist Frequency, part of her “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” project this week…you will be shocked at how women are treated in this medium.


5 Things for Families

This is it, moms and dads. The last weekend of summer vacation. Make it count.


Raising Richmond: Scenes from the summer

Summer is winding down. Here are some memorable moments from the last few months: popsicles, swimming, and lots of Weird Al.


Let me school you

I was homeschooled and have opinions on the matter. Should you homeschool? Maybe! Or maybe not!


5 Things for Families

You’re going to spend Labor Day weekend scrambling to get the kids ready for school, so best soak up those last bits of summer while you can.


Raising Richmond: You have my permission to grow up

One of the challenges of parenting is getting used to the idea that those teeny babies have the nerve to grow up.


Daddy, why do you sometimes eat at McDonalds?

I’m a compulsive eater of fast food. I know it is horrible for me and makes me feel physically ill and mental shame, but sometimes I need to eat it.


5 Things for Families

Dancing, a movie, moon bounces, crafts, and girls playing rock ‘n’ roll. Who could ask for more? Jerks, that’s who.


Raising Richmond: City schools, county schools

We’re sticking with Richmond Public Schools because we want to support our city. And also because the school is right by our house and daughter already likes that playground. It would be weird if we didn’t send her there.