New breastfeeding law goes into effect today

Congrats, nursing mothers of Virginia! You can now do that thing you probably already do anyway!


5 Things for Families: Dragons, roller skating, free fun at Lewis Ginter, living history, and baseball

Happy birthday, Uncle Sam! You’ve had a a busy/emotional couple of weeks, so let’s go out and do it up right!


Raising Richmond: More mindful parenting with the Apple Watch

Welp, Sam Davies just wrote the thing that’s going to convince the Apple-thetic spouses that the pro-Apple spouses should, indeed, get an Apple Watch for a holiday gift. Sorry, the former. And you’re welcome, the latter!


Soccer Shots kicks off summer programs in July

Regretting your easy-breezy approach to keeping your kids entertained this summer? Spots are still available in Soccer Shots’ summer classes!


Our House: Life on the compound, or why I’ve chosen to live very, very close to my extended family

Catherine Baab-Muguira’s house backs right up to her brother’s. And she likes her little compound just fine.


Free kid shows at Dogwood Dell

The 59th Festival of the Arts at Dogwood Dell is underway, and there are some great (and free!) kid shows scheduled to appear on the Ha’Penny Stage.


5 Things for Families: Trolls, parks, night hikes, football health, and watery gardens

The forecast is looking significantly less Hellmouthish this weekend! Let’s get out and enjoy it before July comes and we all won’t leave our homes for fear of bursting into flames.


BetaBox has come to town!

It’ll be here all week over at St. Catherine’s, making amazing things and blowing our minds with practical technology applications. Also, the term “makerspace” is neat.


Raising Richmond: Rad Summer Reading

When she’s not writing Raising Richmond or raising her Richmonder, Hayley DeRoche is a librarian—which means she knows all there is to know about what kids of all sizes will love to read this summer.


Our House: Celebrating the hard stuff

Judi Crenshaw’s youngest just graduated from high school, and it’s given her a chance to reflect on the good times and the bad, and what we can take from a rite of passage (that often isn’t that pleasant to witness).