Our House: Add a bunch of people, blend well

Between himself, his wife, his ex-wife, his wife’s ex-husband, his ex-wife’s new husband, and the relatives of all of the above, Pete Humes has gotten used to juggling the demands of a whole lot of people who want to claim time with their three kids.


UPDATE: Independent children’s hospital no longer a thing

After much consideration, the proposal for a freestanding collaborative hospital for children has been politely declined.


$1 kids movies coming in June!

Regal’s Summer Movies Express hits Richmond on June 16th–which means you can consider your Tuesday and Wednesday mornings with the kids booked through mid-August.


Call the doulas!: MyBirth is here to help parents-to-be

MyBirth is working to change the way Richmonders think about pregnancy and birth–and helping parents-to-be learn about, celebrate, and take ownership of both.


5 Things for Families

It’s Memorial Day Weekend–the unofficial beginning of summer, y’all! Time to start finding ways to keep those kids busy/not all up in your face. Some ideas to get you through the next few days…


Raising Richmond: My dad ate my homework

Sam Davies didn’t care that much about homework, so how is he supposed to feel when his daughter doesn’t care?


Family Finances: Now is the best time for college savings

If you don’t have a Virginia 529 already, you could start one (or someone else in you family could) and possibly win $10,000. Amanda Gibson outlines her family’s saving plan for contributing to the college education of her children.


Our House: A family of our size is never off-stage

Adam Mead and his family turn a lot of heads when they go out in public—there’s nine of them, after all, and another on the way. While he and his wife have gotten used to the comments, he wonders what effect it’ll have on his kids.


New Moms’ Morning Out summer program

Registration is open for a new Mom’s Morning Out summer program at Ginter Park United Methodist Church in the Northside.


Help send a kid to camp!

The City of Richmond offers some great summer camps, but the $250 price tag often leaves young residents who would benefit from them most unable to attend. But you (yes, YOU!) can help those kids out.