kid and dog

How to wear out kids and pets together

It’s easy to forget your animal dependents when you’re so busy with your human ones, but there are a bunch of ways to get them on the same, active team. Epic naps ahead!


5 Things for Families: The dark, a new park, minions, studying frogs, falling off sheep

When it comes to my directive about these 5 Things, I’ve gotta quote the great Charlie Kelly: SO DO.


The practice run: Venturing with kids to the next town over

Sam Davies wasn’t ready to take his daughters on a long trip, so he started out small—no agenda, lots of bathrooms, and the joy of experiencing something new along with them.


Our House: Becoming a bike family…by necessity

Brad Pearson is one of those guys who loves to bike around with his kids. And it’s a good thing, too, because after a seizure, he’s not allowed to drive a car. Here’s what he’s learned.


Free back-to-school physicals on Friday

Get the kids caught up on vaccinations and health screenings before they head back to school.


5 Things for Families: Teeth, stars, art, ponies, bluegrass

It’s awesome how Richmond has decided to not be all Hellmouth-y this summer. Get out and enjoy it, less-sweaty-than-usual friends!


The perfect family day trip: Jefferson’s Monticello, who knew?

Got some kids and a weekend day free? Head to TJ’s “little mountain.”


A struggling reader’s best friend: Paws to R.E.A.D.® helps literacy for kids

Local dogs volunteer to help young Richmonders become better (and more confident) readers. Yes, dogs.


5 Things for Families: Crabby, bikey, watery, tasty, anything but cutesy

This weekend involves things all Richmonders are required to love: bikes, stuff from Hanover, the river, rocking/rolling, and organic food. Wow, we sound kind of insufferable. Except for the Hanover part. That place is pretty adorable.


Back to school with a new normal

Who can even remember the school routine from last year, and this year it’s all changing for Sam Davies anyway. So many things to do and feel, all at once.