Raising Richmond: What I learned on my summer vacation

Now that vacations are done for the season, here are my untimely travel tips from late summer trips I took with my family. If this advice is too late to be useful for you, just print out this article, fold it into the December section of your day planner, then transfer it to your next year’s day planner for easy access when you take vacations again!


Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers

STEM programming and the Maker movement are pushing the importance of designing, building, and creating anything and everything. But where do you (and your kids) start?


5 Things for Families

ELSA IS COMMMMIIIIIIIIIING! Oh and some other stuff is happening, too, I hear.


Raising Richmond: Love for Young House Love

The duo from Young House Love is taking a break from their blog. While they regroup and consider what to do with the site, here’s a look back at some of my favorite things they’ve done.


Privacy, the Internet, and pictures of my kids

It feels like the idea of privacy is going to be even harder for my kids than it is for me–like they aren’t going to have a choice. Do I even have a choice?


Food for fines

Richmond Public Libraries are offering a way out of your library fines–but you’re going to need to visit your pantry to take advantage of it.


5 Things for Families

Baseball, yoga, science, milkshakes, and cars–something for everyone up in here, y’all!


Raising Richmond: A sprinkle how-to

Tips for celebrating expectant moms the second (or third…or fourth) time around.


Virginia Rep making parents’ lives easier

Virginia Repertory Theater’s Friday Kids Club is all set to provide on-site babysitting during the 2014-2015 Signature Season.


Nest intentions

After putting up a good, long fight against nesting before our daughter was born, I eventually gave in (somewhat) to the throes of parental preparation. And then life happened.