Hey, baby. What are you thinking?

They say before your baby talks, she understand tons of your words already. WELL, GOOD FOR HER.


Back-to-school shop tax-free this weekend

Attention, parents! No sales tax on school supplies, clothing, and footwear August 7th through 9th!


Our House: Bed rest and beyond

Did you miss Kelly Gerow? One of our favorite parenting columnists in THE WORLD is finally emerging from an unexpected couple of months in the hospital, and then an expected couple of months home with her new baby boy. What does that all do to a family anyway?


ADHERE: Helping art and science stick together

In his exhibition currently on display at the Science Museum of Virginia, VCU grad Nickolai Walko shows the intricate workings of the human body using…tape.


5 Things for Families: Cops on horseback, Diggity Dudes, kid art, capes, and a bunch of boobs

Saturday is the first day of August. Slow your roll, Father Time! We’ve still got some summertime living to do!


A week without: Life at home while the kid’s at camp

Sam Davies’s daughter braved the unfamiliar territory of sleepaway camp, while the rest of his family had a weird week without her.


Enter to win a Science Museum membership

All you need to do is comment on and share cool stuff from the Internet. I think you guys can handle that! (Added bonus: you and your kids will learn a little something while you’re at it.)


Walk your path while being watched

Jeff Mueller applies some Buddhist philosophy to parenting, and feels like a better person as a result.


5 Things for Families: CeCe Bell, music, bats, snakes, and the Grinch

Three of this week’s featured events have me stoked. The other two give me the heebie-jeebies. Take a look and see how it all shakes out for you and yours.


Raising Richmond: The Sound and the Furry

Is there room in your heart for a new baby and an old dog? Hayley DeRoche was doubtful.