Pimp my pump

When I first heard about MIT’s recent “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” Hackathon, I wasn’t sure what to think. But as one who would be first in line to bemoan the various factors that make breast pumping suck, I was curious about the results.


5 Things for Families

Some spooky stuff, some science stuff, some do-gooder stuff–we got a little bit of everything this weekend.


Raising Richmond: HandsOn Day

HandsOn Day promotes community involvement, and if your kids are too small to help out with the activities, they’re never too young to learn how to be kind and helpful.


Getting help

We’ve been having struggles as parents, and we are getting help.


5 Things for Families

It’s Folk Festival weekend! And also a weekend full of other fun stuff!


Raising Richmond: This is not a restaurant

If your declarations of “this is not a restaurant” still don’t end in your child cleaning her plate or trying new food, here are some meal combos for you and your picky eaters to spare you from making different meals for everyone in the family.


Cabin fever

Need to get out of the house but want to avoid places where you’ll get the stink-eye for having your newborn in tow? Look no further! Let me be your Stefon of infant-friendly outing suggestions.


5 Things for Families

I’m already tired from this weekend, and it hasn’t even happened yet. But it’s a good tired, ya know?


Raising Richmond: “Do you know about Jesus?”

I have practiced in my head many times how my husband and I will handle all the tough talks with our daughter, like drugs, sex, and gender politics. But the hardest one for me–religion–is up first.


To have and to hold at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM central)

One of the warmest memories of my life so far is that of the look on my husband’s face as we said our wedding vows. Since then, I’ve only seen the look on his face three other times: when each of our sons were born…and when I signed us up for Netflix.