Raising Richmond: In praise of playground parties

Playgrounds are instant party locations. Just bring cupcakes, put a balloon on a tree, and stick a party hat on a squirrel. Dunzo.


Back-to-school sales tax holiday this weekend

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils…”


Leggo my LEGOland

Leave LEGO-loving, YA-reading adults alone!


5 Things for Families

This list includes opportunities for you to both eat hot dogs AND help actual dogs. I’m not sure what that means, but it seemed worth noting. OK, here we go!


Raising Richmond: How about that second kid?

I want what lots of parents want: to plan two kids and to have a third one by accident. That’s the middle-class dream! Then again, I might not have another child. Why are you asking? What’s it to you? Stop thinking about me trying to have another kid. It’s freaking me out.


Yes, and go to bed!

How improv classes can (probably) make you a better parent.


5 Things for Families

ATTENTION: Mr. Steve is coming to town. Mister. Steve. Here. (And some other stuff is happening, too.)


Raising Richmond: A matter of records

Building a record collection for a child isn’t as important as starting a college fund or setting examples of good behavior, but–OK, just kidding. It’s as important.


Pints and Pint-sized: The Daily

I remember the first time I saw The Daily under construction, I said to my husband, “that place looks fancy and not at all kid friendly.” Boy, did I learn not to judge a restaurant by its chic wooden façade.


Free swim lessons

Beginning this week, Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities will offer swim lessons at eight of the city’s pools.