Making the most of Butterflies LIVE!

Butterflies LIVE! opens today at Lewis Ginter. Here are some things to know before you and the fam head on over…and some tips for making the most of your time while you’re there.


RVAFamily: Going in blind

There’s an expectation for women that we have to have nurturing experience under our belts before we ever become parents. But maybe giving ourselves permission to be inexperienced prior to an experience is a good thing.


Family Finances: Why we stopped saving for retirement

Amanda Gibson and her husband don’t put cash in their IRAs anymore and they may not for a good while. And here are the solid reasons why.


5 Things for Families

We’re currently in that teeny sliver of springtime in which we Richmonders only have the pollen to complain about. Get out and enjoy it!


Raising Richmond: Earth Day at home

Earth Day is either every day or only next week–depending on what your priorities are–so take a break from buying all your Earth Day candy and decorations to learn about two ways my family has made eco-friendly changes to help offset having children.


RVA Family: Dining with tiny humans

Kids’ behavior when eating out works on a continuum. So which Richmond restaurants are most able and willing to help us navigate the unpredictability inherent to dining out with tiny humans?


5 Things for Families

Spring Break is half over! Whether you find that fact sad or exciting, you’re still going to need some ideas to keep the family entertained. Luckily Richmond has anticipated those needs and addressed them like whoa.


Raising Richmond: Falling deep and deeper in like

The love we have for our kids is beautiful. But liking your kid is fan-freaking-tastic.


Kindergarten registration starts April 16th

Find out where you need to go and what you need to bring.


RVA Family: Seeing red

Kat Von D is currently under fire for naming a lipstick from her Sephora line “Underage Red”—a term that she claims doesn’t mean what we all think it means. But, well, she’s wrong.